Adventure Girl Trail Tales: Update #7

When we last left Adventure Girl, she had checked in on May 5th, from Flattop Mountain, outside Harrisonburg, VA. Since Flattop Mountain, Adventure Girl has reached a milestone.

Apparently, Adventure Girl is much too busy to appease her Aunt and update her trail journal. Teenagers! Honestly. Let them go off into the great outdoors with no adult supervision, and they go all willy-nilly crazy. They don’t send cards or letters, and they rarely check in with SPOT Messenger. It’s as if they are off on a long hike, carrying the weight of life – or their backpack  – or something. As if!

Harpers Ferry AT Visitor Center

All that nonsense was merely an attempt to hit the 100 word count. Because Adventure Girl has been spending so much time hiking, that she’s made no time for long updates or up-to-the-minute Spot checks. Fortunately, for you loyal readers, Adventure Girl did leave the following note on Friday:

“Hey guys! I made it to Harpers Ferry thru-hiker number 84 for the year! Pretty exciting stuff. The shins are MUCH better and I am so thankful! I was really nervous for a while there. Things are going really well! I plan on writing a longer entry later today, I just wanted to put a little something up now. Town food time!”

Yep, you read that right. Adventure Girl was the 84th thru-hiker to make it to Harpers Ferry, WV this year, 2011.  According to her trail journal, Adventure Girl has covered 1,015.  She crossed the 1,015 mile mark, and she has a mere 1,000 left to hike.

While searching for photos, I stumbled upon a blog by Rebecca Henderson. She wrote a post titled, “History and Hiking in West Virginia”. The photo (below) was included in Rebecca’s blog. Oh, and if you note the picture, Adventure Girl has 1,166.7 miles left; slightly more than an even 1,000. But honestly, what’s 166.7 more miles for Adventure Girl?

Until next week, enjoy your own adventure!

Photo by Rebecca Henderson

6 thoughts on “Adventure Girl Trail Tales: Update #7

    1. Thanks, Wendy. I talked with Adventure Girl’s parents today. She took two zero days and spent them with Andy and his Dad. (This explains her lack of SPOT and journal updates.)
      ~ Lenore

    1. Kimmie, Adventure Girl is having the time of her life. I hope you will go back and check out the previous trail tale updates. I try to update her journey every Saturday. Hope to see you again. Thanks for visiting! ~ Lenore

  1. Today is my day off, and I was hoping to spend some time outside… and then, (of course) it started to rain. Really hard. *sigh* I guess I’ll just have to enjoy a hike vicariously through adventure girl’s blog! 🙂

    1. Yes, I find I quite enjoy hiking. I’m excited about every step and every mile, provided the hiking is being done by Adventure Girl. 🙂 Thank you for visiting, Spilled Ink.. ~ Lenore

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