And then I received the email …

So, I’ve been frazzled lately. The voices in my head are in overdrive. I’ve written at least three draft posts, though the thoughts are too raw to share. Wanting to slowly release the steam from the bubbling and boiling thoughts in my head, I drove to work this morning with an idea.

A smile came across my face when I thought about checking into a hotel room for the weekend. Quiet time by myself. Time to sit, write and relax with only the noise in my head distracting me. Then I thought about finding a hotel room with an indoor pool. The boys could join me on Saturday afternoon for an indoor pool day. As I thought about my weekend getaway, I could hear the laughter of the boys playing in the water, and I could feel the refreshing water being splashed in my direction.

Yes, a weekend getaway was just what this crazy chick ordered.

I walked into my boss’ house, turned on the laptop and began setting up for my work day. Logging in to my email, I saw a note from my husband. Selfishly, my heart sank as I read the following:


Craig and Lewis are leading work crews this Friday and Saturday toward Cartersville/Bartow County to assist with clean up of the carnage left behind by the storms that ripped through North Georgia last week.  A great deal of attention is being given to Ringgold (and rightly so) because of the tornado that destroyed the town.  However, Cartersville/Bartow County received the brunt of two extremely strong storms on the same evening.  There is an amazing amount of damage there as well. The only supplies Craig is saying we will need are chain saws, gloves, and strong backs.

I want to help with this.  I am planning to go tomorrow, Friday (take a day off work).  I would like to go Saturday too but not unless we can send the boys somewhere like Grandma’s.  Please let me know if you have any issue with this.


*Sigh* What good person would reply back to her husband, looking to help others, with a response, “Hell no! You can’t go!” Well, that’s what I did.

I’m kidding, Readers. I didn’t respond to my husband negatively. Instead, I was reminded of what is truly important in this world. And sadly, once again, what is most important is not me. (I still believe I will be the most important person one day.) I married a good man. I am proud he is going to load up his chainsaw, gloves and strong back and help his neighbors. I’ll be fine. In fact, I’ll be great. My family is healthy, the house is in tact and I have money to buy ice cream. Life is good, even when hectic.

13 thoughts on “And then I received the email …

  1. Nice post, Lenore. If you pack up the kids and send them to grandma’s house, you could have some quiet time at home to write while your hubby is gone. This could turn out to be a win-win. And, of course, you are the most important person in Rob’s life. You should be so proud of your wonderful husband and the good he will do this weekend.

    1. Thanks Susan. Yes, if Grandma is available, I will milk their overnight stay for all the quiet it is worth. I just hope I don’t hear the call of the vacuum cleaner and feel the guilt of household chores beckoning! (smile) The email this morning was a gentle reminder of is most important. Those reminders are needed from time to time, and today it was my time to be reminded. ~ Lenore

  2. That would have been the epitome of a Mother’s Day gift for my mother. She would have rejoiced to have alone time, no guilt, no regrets, just reveling and wallowing in aloneness in her own home.

    Dad worked away from home all our lives. When retirement age crept up on them, they were staggered by the feat of learning to live together 24/7. Even up to the age of 88, my mother would “run away from home”. She’d go on a holiday or take cruises in “Younger” times (66 to 86!), but the last few times, she called a cab and spent a few nights in a hotel by herself. She’d phone me when she was ready to go home. Or if she wanted to have company for dinner.

    They were both delighted to be back together again when she trundled home again.

    1. Here’s to your Mom, Soul Dipper! In my opinion, the fact that one can return home to the family is the truest joy that comes from ‘running away’. Getting away for a bit is wonderful, knowing you can return to your home and family is divine.
      ~ Lenore

  3. Bake that big-hearted man a pie :). You did marry a good one and good on you for being smart enough to know it!

    Still … I completely “get” your desire to get away … and those life lessons that stand up and remind us of how nice it is to be home, too.

    Wonderful post!


    1. Thanks, MJ. I did bake him fresh blueberry muffins – from scratch! I’ll have to make a pound cake, next. That is his favorite. As always, thanks for visiting and commenting. Cheers! ~ Lenore

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