Tragically ‘un’Hip

.:: Angry Birds
I am not a hip chick. I have never been a hip chick. After 40+ years, I’m guessing the label ‘hip chick’ will never be stuck on me. After all, I continue to lose myself by listening to Cat Stevens and John Denver. In fact, I have Neil Diamond’s Jazz Singer in my Netflix queue. Hip and Lenore are not synonymous.

One morning, I heard birds. I heard many birds. The birds were creating a ruckus. I walked out on our back deck and saw countless black birds swarming the area. Trees left naked in winter, suddenly appeared clothed in black leaves. As I watched the birds cover the trees with their black feathered bodies, I thought I was witnessing the birth of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Perhaps he, too, stood on his back deck, watching the birds swarm and wondered … “What if the birds became angry?”

The same morning I was mesmerized by the birds, a friend posted a message on her Facebook page, “Trying to balance checkbook with Angry Birds in the background …” I was just about to comment on my friend’s message, letting her know that I had a flock of noisy feathers in my backyard, when I noticed someone else had already commented: “My kids play that all the time.” Huh? Play angry birds? What?

My poor kids. They don’t stand a chance in the world with their un-hip Mom (and Dad). Wii don’t own a We; and the only pad we have is a notepad. Is there an App for hip? Can we download it on our rotary phone?


Apps, Games and Texting
Pop culture will eat itself.
Please bring your own fork.


.:: Silly Fun with Friends
Life is better when you are easily amused, because – well, you are amused easily. This week one of my many vices (shirt.woot) posted a shirt I could not refuse. I am not a fan of Tom Cruise or the movie Jerry McGuire, but I find humor in the phase, “You complete me.”

Shirt.woot combined the aforementioned phrase with doughnuts. Surely you know by now, doughnuts, specifically Dutch Monkey Doughnuts, are another vice of mine. Combine one vice with another vice, and well – this vice-stricken person finds it hard to not click, “I want one!”

What humored me the most was the fact that some of my friends were not surprised when I posted the t-shirt design on my Facebook page. In fact, many friends fully expected me to snag the shirt. Initially, I maintained my composure and resisted the urge to click anything. Unfortunately, my will did not last. I bought the shirt. With a smile on my face and doughnut crumbs around my mouth, I look forward to wearing the shirt, while eating another doughnut and being amused easily.


Greeted with pancakes, fresh baked doughnuts too –
Who loves Fun Fridays? The boys and I sure do.

Neighborhood happy hours and pizza for dinner.
Not the best time to try and get thinner.

Now pardon me, please – more goodies await;
May the joys within weekends never abate.


Be kind. Take care of yourself and each other.

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