My New Bed Partner

I’ve dreamed of this moment for years. While laying in bed, waiting for sleep to find me, I visualized myself surrounded in warmth. Thoughts of cuddling with my new partner, always put a smile on my face. Yet, with the rise of the morning sun, the smile would set on my face. Rob pushed back. Not ready to share his bed, he discouraged me taking on a new partner.

In an effort to win Rob’s approval, I would show him pictures of my harmless (yet fulfilling) partner. I assumed the simple look of my friend would ease Rob’s insecurities. I assured Rob that I would still need him, even with my new friend. And, I tried to explain to Rob that he might like sharing his bed. I mentioned several benefits Rob would gain by welcoming my friend in the bedroom. Alas, Rob was not convinced. Though my dreams continued, it seemed as though my friend and I would remain separated.

I’m not sure how it happened, and I’m not sure what changed his mind. But one afternoon, Rob came to me, perhaps realizing my fantasy was not diminishing but growing; with a look of caution and curiosity, he told me I could make my dream a reality. Excitement filled my heart, as I thought about my new bed partner. Immediately, I made arrangements to get my partner to the house, and I counted down the days . . .

Gone were the nights of turtle necks and wool socks. Gone were the nights of adding layer upon layer before bed vs. removing layer upon layer before bed. With my new partner, the desire to undress myself was reborn.

As I prepared to share my bed with my new friend, I slowly removed my socks. I slowly removed my other socks. I slowly removed my sweat pants. I slowly removed my leg warmers. I took a break and went to the bathroom. When I returned, I noticed my new partner was starting to get worked up and warmed up. I continued preparing for my partner by slowly removing my long underwear. I slowly removed my sweatshirt. I slowly removed my t-shirt. I slowly removed my turtleneck. I slowly removed my undershirt. And there I was, for the first time in years … standing before my new partner, barefooted and wearing nothing but a simple pair of pajamas.

I jumped into bed, wrapped myself in the warmth of my new partner and sighed. Thank you, Rob. I love my new electric blanket.

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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