Dec. 1st: This isn’t just a post, it’s your present.

Triplet Mom's sister, Me and Triplet Mom (pre-kids) in the Spring of 1988. Oh, it's Triplet Mom's sister's birthday, too. They are twins. Funny how that works - sharing the same birthday and all.

My dream? To be featured on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed. The dream of others? To be featured in my post. Huh? What? Is that wrong? Your dream, I mean? Well, I was hoping at least someone I knew wanted to be featured in my post. Because, Ms. Mom to triplets and a singleton, this is your post!

No, I’m kidding. I won’t talk about you throughout my entire post. However, on December 1st, I always remember two things: 1.) World AIDS Day and 2.) your birthday, which happens to be your 40th one. So, remember, Ms. Mom to triplets and a singleton, AIDS is preventable. If you have sex, practice safer sex; and, if you use needles, don’t share needles! Oh, and happy 40th birthday!

World AIDS Day 2010 - Take Action and Tackle HIV/AIDS

In other news, the end of this month marks a full year of blogging for me. I am certain all of you are thankful for the words of wisdom I have posted over the 2010 year. My faithful and loyal readers are too many to thank personally. Okay, that’s a lie, and you know that’s a lie. So, I say “Thanks!” to my few, but loyal, fans: Crazy Puppy Lady, Tortey, Triplet Mom, Betty (or is it Veronica?) and Andrea HT. And, I will get around to paying the five of you, I promise.

I am working on my last post of the 2010 year, and I am looking forward to writing during the 2011 year. Whether you feel I’ve junked-up the blogosphere or added quality posts, I’ve enjoyed myself. And, assuming this is not your first time visiting my blog, I further assume you’ve enjoyed yourself, too. A little? Maybe?

With the start of December, a list reviewing the highs and lows of the year start popping up all over the place. The year in review seems to begin the first day of the month, as if there aren’t an additional 30 days to follow. Among the year-end lists comes a list of famous people we’ve lost during the year. Added to the list this week: Leslie Nielsen. “Who are you? How did you get in here?” “I’m a locksmith. And, I’m a locksmith.”

What are some of your top memories of 2010? What are some of your highs and lows from this year? And, if you’ve read several of my posts, which one was your favorite? Which post was your least favorite? If you don’t mind sharing, I’d really like to read what you have to say.

To date, I have received the highest number of hits during the month of March, totaling 901. And yet, the busiest week was in September, with 335 hits during the 37th week of the year. The busiest day took place that week, September 13th, when I received 167 hits. Supposedly, WordPress doesn’t count me hitting myself – hitting my own blog, I mean. If it did, I’d break 100 every day!

Now, I realize me talking stats about my blog may not make for good reading, but I am amazed that I’ve received any hits at all. I mean, aside from the five folks I mentioned earlier, I didn’t expect to break 5 hits in a day, let alone 30. And yet – I get an average of 30 hits a day. OK. Don’t laugh. I am small potatoes, I know. I may not even be a potato. I get that. Still I write. And I will continue to write – for the five of you or the five hundred of you. Hmm… I wonder if I could get five hundred hits in a month. Something to shoot for in 2011, perhaps.

Happy birthday, Ms. Mom to triplets and a singleton! Happy 40th birthday! Have a super dooper day and a magnunderful birthday week! And again, even in your 40s, if you have sex, remember to practice safer sex, and if you use needles, don’t share needles!

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