This, that and another Friday

.:: Wait a second; who put that there?
After dinner out one night this week, Rob and I were walking to our car. Rob started walking to the wrong red car. When he realized it, he started laughing.

“Remember when my parents borrowed my car, and I used my Mom’s car for a week?” He asked.

“Yes.” I replied.

“Well, I took my Mom’s car to the grocery store one day. When I came out of the grocery store, I got in the car and got ready to drive away. But, I noticed something.”

He continued, “The seat was leaned way back, and I didn’t remember reclining the seat at all.”

Then he started laughing hard. “I looked around inside the car, and I realized I was in the wrong car!”

I laughed and said, “That’s funny. I have a similar story. I didn’t share it with you because I was too embarrassed.”

“During a trip to Target, I walked away from my cart to look through the clothes. I didn’t find anything, and I went back to my cart and continued shopping. I went to the card section to buy several birthday cards. I was probably there for 10 minutes. When I was done, I put all the cards in the cart. Then I realized, it wasn’t my cart!”

Rob and I start laughing.

“I went back to the clothes section, where I got the cart. I parked the cart, and slowly walked away. I pretended to look through the clothes, again. And, I noticed a woman come and take her cart away without a word. I felt like the biggest dork. I waited awhile before I went and retrieved my real cart.”


Lost in thought with so many things on your mind.
All sorts of distractions, basically leaving you blind.

Where are the car keys? Who put that chair there?
I know I’m going some place; I just don’t remember where.

You make it home, thinking things could be worse.
You unload your car and realize that’s not your purse.


.:: It’s All a Daze
Week two of my overnight part-time job. I am so glad Rob and I decided not to have a third child. Though the reasoning behind the ‘no more kids’ decision was based more on me being psycho and our relationship struggling than the genuine desire to increase the family.

Lacking a full-night’s worth of sleep for two days out of the week is really taking its toll on me and my over 40yr old self. I’m not more cranky without the sleep (Rob may beg to differ); I am just plain tired and lacking any sort of motivation and focus. (Though really, motivation was hard to find even with sleep.)

My son’s teacher is celebrated her birthday this week. My son came to me with an elaborate idea to make a special craft for his teacher’s birthday. He wanted to make a lesson for his teacher, similar to one she uses in his in class. I was impressed with his grand idea, and I wanted to see it through to fruition. Well, the day before his teacher’s birthday and a day after no sleep, I asked him if he was ready to start on the project. He said ‘no’.

If I was working with a weeks worth of sleep, I would not have accepted his ‘no’ response. In fact, I would have said, “Okay, Joe. You need to start working on your project.” However, because I am lacking sleep these days,  I said, “Ok.” And honestly, I was impressed with his idea; I thought his teacher would appreciate it; and, I was looking forward to having him tackle the task. Alas, I was too tired to push for it. This is one of those times where I will have to find satisfaction in knowing he had good and creative intentions. Then again, I’m so tired, I’ll probably forget that part, too.


Sleep deprivation
Loopiness and no focus
Ooo pretty colors


.:: Don’t go back to Rockville
Sleep will find me this weekend. In addition to sleep –  junk food, movies and great conversation will find me, too. This weekend, I am taking a road trip to meet a girlfriend of mine. (Meeting a boyfriend of mine would be a bit odd, seein’ as I am married.)

I met my friend when I moved to Rockville, MD back in 1992. I moved back to Georgia two years later, after my father died. (No, I didn’t move back because I thought, ‘Woo hoo! My dad is gone. I can go home now!’ I moved back to be closer to my family, because I wasn’t able to get to my Dad in time.)

Even though I moved back to Georgia, my girlfriend in Maryland remained and remains one of my best friends. So this weekend, she is driving south, I am driving north and we will meet in the middle. Woo hoo! We’ve booked the hotel, and we’ll both arrive within minutes of check-in on Friday and leaving no earlier than check-out on Sunday. We’ve already discussed the junk food we’ll have in the room, as well as the movies. And, we’ve loaded ourselves up with books to read.

Though we are prepared with a plethora of entertainment, we’ll also bask in the quiet free time. Because we both have young kids (6 and 4, 5 and 4), we have a greater appreciation for quiet free time. Aaaaaah….. quiet free time.


Hitting the road and heading out.
Spending time with a friend is what it’s about.

My time I’m a’wasting. I need to publish this post.
So, I can get in the car and head for the coast.

The coast is not really the destination this time.
But, I need to hurry, and I am trying to rhyme.

Okay, I’m going; hug hug – kiss kiss.
I didn’t even have to shave for this!


Be good to yourself, and be kind to others.

One thought on “This, that and another Friday

  1. Love the blog. You have a funny voice. I mean your writing voice. Several item hit home. I often grab the wrong cart – how can they all look the same? And I also often go to the wrong car – especially that I have only had my car for 10 months and it seems everyone now owns a car that looks like a grey Chevy Traverse. So I was calculationg the miles, is half way Raleigh? 🙂

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