No-Fuss Friday

.:: Labor Day Laughter
Over the Labor Day Weekend, we gathered with my family, which included siblings, spouses, nieces, nephews and cousins. I had been looking forward to the gathering for over a week, and I was not disappointed. We all had such a great time.

No nose piercings, just a blue M&M coated tongue. Rock on, Charlie. Rock on.

One of my nephews works undercover (seriously). In order to look the part, he has tattoos and body piercings. Truth be told, he may have had these things regardless of the line of work. I wish I could post a picture taken of him and my brother. My nephew looks so fierce, when in reality he is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet. (Unless, of course, you meet him out back, while trying to buy crack. Just saying.)

Anyway, my nephew was not the only one with body piercings (though he won the prize for non-subtle piercings). One of my nieces has her nose pierced. Apparently, while she was sitting and visiting with my 4yr old, he noticed her nose piercing and asked, “Why do you have a nail in your nose?” Once my niece’s laughter died down, she told him about having her nose pierced. My 4yr old then asked, “Can you put a nail in my nose?”


Tattoos and piercings, fashion or fad?
“I have a new mohawk. What do you think, Dad?”

A nail in your nose, purple dye in your hair;
Getting a third piercing because of a dare.

Thoughts of nipple piercings make me twinge;
As kids’ rites of passage make parents cringe.


.:: Special Moments
The passing of Labor Day brings with it a new season for television shows, which typically includes schedule changes. One such scheduled change involved our local PBS station.

Joe wakes up at 6:30am during the school week. Before eating breakfast, he and I sit on the couch and watch TV together. Prior to Labor Day, we’d watch Dragon Tales, which really – yeah, that’s all I have to say about Dragon Tales.

Well, Labor Day has come and gone, and PBS changed their television schedule. Now at 6:30 M-F, Joe and I watch Word Girl. We became addicted to Word Girl in the afternoon, as it used to be on at 4pm. And, yes, I didn’t stutter – ‘we’ became addicted to Word Girl. “Word up, it’s Word Girl.” I love Word Girl. “Woooord Giiiiirrl!” Sorry. I told you – it’s an addiction.

Sitting and watching TV shows like Word Girl, Curious George and Dinosaur Train are things I enjoy doing with the boys. Special moments, I treasure, during this phase of life.


Word Girl is the best.
Her word usage does impress.
Captain Huggy Face.


.:: Dinner with a Friend
Last week, my friend backed out on dinner plans, and I mentioned her in my blog. This week, she kept the date, and look – I’m still mentioning her in my blog. However, this time, she is mentioned because she helped me think of something to write about for today: My abnormal quirks. I have many you know.

I suggested I write a ‘Top 10″ list of my ‘abnormalities’, and my best friend of over 30 yrs suggested I go for a ‘Top 20″. (Can you feel the love?!) Here goes:

Lenore Diane: Lover of Plain Jane Comfort

Top 15 Abnormal Quirks of Me, Lenore Diane
1. Shy, yet shares everything within seconds.
2. Insists on mowing the grass uphill vs. going sideways.
3. Avoids flying, regardless of cost.
4. Rearranges furniture every couple of months.
5. Uses one side of the towel for drying off above her neck, and the other side of the towel for drying off below her neck.
6. Won’t let her boys have lollipops or gum.
7. Wears socks with sandals.
8. Sometimes wears turtlenecks to bed.
9. Rarely goes to a bar/restaurant without seeing someone she think she knows.
10. Rarely goes to a bar/restaurant and actually knows the person she thinks she knows.
11. Won’t wear shorts in the summer.
12. Blushes easily and vibrantly.
13. Has an obsession for men with long hair. (Not talking mullets, people.)
14. Obsessed with ice cream and prefers to eat it alone.
15. Paranoid about being judged. (Hmm . . . perhaps because she shares too much?)

Let the record show, I sat down with Rob and my friend to compile the above list. After several hours, Rob said “Maybe you’re not as crazy as we thought.”


Be sure to take care of yourself and others.

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