.:: Forget Me Not
This week was Joe’s 2nd week of school. He has his routine down, and he has settled into his new classroom nicely. On the other hand, I had a blip this week.

While taking him to school on Monday, I realized I left his lunch at home. D’oh! No worries. I returned to the school, leaving Joe’s lunch with the gals at the front office. Later that day, while driving home from work, I realize, “ACK! I have to pick up Joe!

Yes, on my way home from work, I drove straight home. I did not pass ‘Go’ and I did not collect my child. D’oh again! Fortunately, I realized the car was a little too quiet, and I missed the smiling “Mommy!” greeting I always receive when I pick up Joe. So, I quickly corrected my error, drove to the school, and got in the pick-up line behind all the ‘non-forgetful’ parents.


Routines of the school year in full swing.
Staying busy now through Spring.

Time for breakfast, rise and shine.
Drop off, pick up, and get in line.

Remember what to bring with string.


.:: Two Pounds!
So last week, I touted the fact that I lost two pounds. And, this week? Drum roll please . . . Two pounds!! Two pounds, Folks! I gained two pounds!

Apparently, you cannot celebrate a two pound weight loss by eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream two nights in a row, without gaining two pounds.

Oh well. Live, learn, and eat anyway.


Weight, weight don’t tell me.
I want to lose thee.

But, when ice cream is near, I am weak.
And, my quest for willpower remains bleak.

I shall never be ice cream free.


.::A Difference in Taste
First an aside: I absolutely love when Charlie asks us to turn on some music. Charlie doesn’t say ‘music’; Charlie says ‘muse-tik’. Rob and I love when he asks, “Can we here some muse-tik?”

Well, one afternoon, the boys were playing with Daddy and their friend, Joseph, in the basement. Joe asked Daddy to turn on some music, because he wanted Joseph to hear his favorite song. What is Joe’s favorite song? Corelli’s Christmas Concerto. Yes, you read that right. Joe’s favorite song is a classical music ‘song’. (When there are no lyrics is it still a song?)

I was upstairs in our bedroom, while the boys were listening to the music. I could hear Joe going on and on about how he loved it. He even asked Daddy to turn up the volume. Joe was trying to get Joseph involved by saying things like: “Don’t you like it Joseph?” “It’s a fast song.” “Oh! Here comes the best part!” And Joseph? Yeah, no. He was not interested. Joseph preferred playing with the air compressor to listening to classical music.


Our boys love music;
Jamming to whatever they hear,
Classical through rock.


.::Wonderful Words
And finally, the day after the Monday Meltdown, Joe said he made a surprise for me. I could only imagine the surprise Joe was going to make for a Mom that sent him to bed without supper the previous night.

Much to my surprise, Joe came running to me with a note that read, “you are the greatest mommy ever. love, joe.”

That works.


The highs and lows.
The giggles and woes.

The ups and downs.
The smiles and frowns.

And so my love still grows.


That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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