Friday Fa La La

Earlier this week, when I dropped the boys off at Suzann’s house, I heard Joe ask, “Is Sissy still on vacation?” Suzann looked at me and said, “Sissy went on vacation.” Then she looked at Joe and answered, “Yes.” Because I didn’t know anyone by the name of Sissy, I was confused.

“Where did she go on vacation?” Joe asked. Suzann said, “She went to the Bahamas.” “Where are the Bahamas?” Joe asked. “Let’s get the map out and find it, Joe.” Suzann said, as she walked over to get the large map book.

As she passed me I asked, “Who is Sissy?” Suzann smiled and said, “Sissy is one of the doll house dolls.” She continued talking to me, while getting out the map. “Sissy has many friends in the classroom, and she was having a hard time spending time with everyone, so she decided to go on vacation.”

Joe interrupted, “When will she be back?” Suzann smiled, “I don’t know, Joe.” She answered. “Maybe we can write Sissy¬† letter.”

As I turned to leave, the kids were gathering around the large map book on the floor. I smiled, happy to know Sissy was getting a much needed vacation and the kids were exploring the world through her travels.


Today as I walked to my mail box
I notice the holes in my socks.
I found a letter from you.
Did a ‘Skip to my Lou’
And said, “My husband sure rocks!”


I went to the grocery store this week. While shopping for fresh produce, I decided to walk down the card aisle and pick up a card for a friend of mine. I love Hallmark’s Hoops & YoYo cards, so that is where I started my search for the perfect ‘Hello’ card.

Next to the Hoops & YoYo cards were Hallmark’s ‘Saturdays’ cards. As I glanced in the ‘Saturdays’ section, my heart sank. I found several cards labeled ‘Cancer’, ‘Recession’ and ‘Job Loss’. Wow. Immediately, I thought about those currently challenged with Cancer, the Recession and unemployment. And, of course, there are those challenged by other health, financial and life matters. I suppose Multiple Sclerosis, debt and foreclosure cards are right around the corner.

I’m not trying to make light of the cards or the challenges. I mean, I was there to buy a card for my friend, because her Mom is battling Cancer. I think the purpose of cards is to lighten the mood and lift up one’s spirit; yet, seeing the labels left me feeling depressed. In fact, I suddenly needed a mood lifter; so, I picked up one “Hoops & YoYo” card for my friend and one for me. Oh, and I stopped by the chocolate aisle, too.


Young love is blossoming. Every day this week, my youngest has asked me to drive by McKinley’s house. McKinley is a girl in his daycare class. Yesterday, when I picked up the boys, Charlie came running out to me. “Mommy!” He exclaimed. “McKinley said I could come over to her house today!”

I looked at Suzann, who was bringing the boys out to the car, and I smiled. She and I have been watching Charlie’s love for McKinley grow for some time now. In fact, we exchanged numbers with McKinley’s parents earlier in the week. Then I looked at Charlie and asked, “Who said you could go to McKinley’s house – McKinley or her Mom?” Charlie said, “McKinley.”

Then Suzann said, “The two of them were discussing it during nap time.” “You know,” she continued with a wink, “pillow talk.”


It’s the stuff I constantly seek.
Without it, I do surely shriek
But today I quiet the scream
For tonight I’ll enjoy ice cream
And abstain once again next week.


It’s a brand new day, a gift to you.
A perfect time to say, “Woo hoo!”

Do something special, give it your best.
The gripes and the groans, give ’em a rest.

Here’s to your day, decide to be happy.
You’ve got the power, and I’ve got the sappy.


That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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