Memories and Classic Books

Two Girls Having Coffee, By Julian Bailey

I went to dinner with a friend, and we talked about how our kids are entering new phases in life. First, my son starts going to school Aug 2nd. And second, and more monumental, both my friend’s daughter and my boss’ daughter recently became card carrying members of the ‘monthly’ club. With that, my friend and I began to talk about when we became members of the ‘monthly’ club. We thought it was funny because we remembered the where and when we started. And, we both assumed most women remembered their where and when.

My friend and I continued walking down memory lane, recalling more memories of our own childhood and young adulthood. (No worries, Friend, I have no plans of telling our tales. Though, seriously, I am still laughing about ‘fish eyes‘ and blushing as I remember J – um, anywho…) Suffice it to say, I am amazed I am alive today. And, due to some of my past experiences, I am amazed my emotional/mental issues aren’t more intense.

Our conversation changed from memories to books, with my friend telling me about a book she read and really enjoyed. The book was written by Judy Blume. And as soon as she said ‘Judy Blume’ I flashed back to all the Judy Blume books from our childhood: Deenie, Iggie’s House, Blubber, Are you there God? It’s me Maragaret, etc. And, I remembered one Summer when my cousin and I flipped through the pages of Judy Blume’s book ‘Wifey‘. My cousin and I heard there were some steamy sex scenes in ‘Wifey‘, so we would sneak into her parents’ bedroom searching through her Mom’s copy of the book. Ah, adolescence.

After meeting with my friend, I made a point to go to the library and check out the book she recommended, ‘Summer Sisters‘. I took my boys with me, so they could pick out new books. My youngest, who just randomly pulls books off the shelf, handed me a copy of a Hardy Boys mystery. I explained to my 4yr old that the book he picked was too old for him, and I put the book back on the shelf.

Suddenly, I started to get excited. Again, Judy Blume’s books for a younger audience popped into my head, and I found myself wanting to read the books again. Adolescence was going to find me again, through my boys. Why not jog my brain with books from the past? In fact, I think reading some Hardy Boys books to the boys would be funĀ  . . . in a year or two.

I know there are newer books out there, similar to Hardy Boys and Blubber, but I am hoping my kids will explore the ‘classics’, too. Who knows, I may start reading the ‘Fudge’ series to my boys in the next couple of weeks. Why not let them hear the ‘Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing‘? I’m sure as heck not going to tell them the tales of my youth, well – not all the tales.

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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