Friday Rabble Babble

FYI: This post does not pertain to my journey.

What a week! If comedy is found in tragedy, this week was the creation of the funniest movie ever. Holy smokes. This week is the inspiration for the following poem:

A Haiku poem
Is not the biggest challenge
Leave that to your life

Great Smoky Mountains, Photo by Angela

Not denying the crap of this week, today I am focusing on fun things, positive things and of course – ice cream. And, I thank Angela for letting me use pictures she took while enjoying the Great Smoky Mountains. Her picture is a great reminder that amidst all the crap is beauty.


I share much too much all the time. So please, do not be shocked that I am sharing the following.  Here goes . . . While watching TV with the boys, I caught a wiff of something icky. Trying to instill politeness in my boys, I asked, “Did one of you just pass gas?” Then I requested, “Please say excuse me.” Joe responded quickly by standing up, bending over and saying, “It wasn’t me. See? Smell my butt.”


Rob is usually the one that gives the boys baths. The boys tend to request their Dad, because I don’t let them splash as much. However, Rob was gone during bath nights this week, so bathing the boys was up to me.

To the boys’ surprise, I made their bath night a bubble bath night. Does one ever outgrow a bubble bath? Sure, as an adult you may not allow yourself a bubble bath, but seriously – bubble baths are awesome! And the boys? They had a blast.

When Rob returned, the boys told him all about the bubble baths, and they asked if he could give them a bubble bath ‘like Mommy’. I think Rob was a little shocked by the excitement of the boys, because ‘fun’ and ‘Mommy’ don’t always go together, especially during bath time.

Now, I have to remember to pick up more bubble bath supplies. If there are no bubble bath supplies come bath night, the boys will surely put me back in the ‘bath time’ doghouse.


Ben and Jerry’s Rocks
How I love the flavor ‘Smores
Ice cream makes me smile


The Smoking Smoky Mountains, Photo by Angela

I took the boys to the library this week. It was neat to see how each one decided on which books to take hom. Charlie, the youngest, just pulled random books off the shelf. And Joe? Joe pulled books off the shelf and examined the book cover. If the cover didn’t thrill him, he quickly put the book back.

When browsing for books in a library, you have to literally pull the book off the shelf to see the cover. Rarely, do I walk into a library not knowing what book I am going to get, so I do not judge the book by the cover. However, if I go to a book seller, like Barnes and Noble, I will often walk up and down the new release or best seller aisles to ‘see’ what interests me.

I have purchased many books based on the cover. And, as you might guess, not all the ‘neat’ covers were good books. Still, I find it hard not to judge something by the outer appearance. Music, books, food, houses, people, etc. – all of those things are packaged in a way to grab your attention and make an instant judgment. Sometimes you get it right; sometimes you get it wrong. By the way, “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” by Mark Haddon is a great book. Odd title. Odd cover page. Great book.


Have Strength and Have Hope
And Have Determination
And Perseverance


“Mommy,” says Joe. “Today is a special day, because it rained. So, I think we should eat on the floor in the living room.”

“Mommy,” says Joe. “Today is a special day, because I colored a very pretty picture. So, I think we should look for fireflies tonight.”

Such is Joe’s take on life. He doesn’t need a national holiday or a birthday celebration to make a day special. A rainy day or a day spent coloring is a good enough reason to consider the day special, according to Joe.

Yesterday, Joe came home and said, “Mommy. Today is a special day, because Megan pooped on the potty three times. So, can we have ice cream?”

May you find special moments in your day and throughout your weekend. And, be sure to give thanks for your health. Come to think of it, you’re alive today, and that fact makes today special. Treat yourself.


This post is dedicated to Valentina, Andrea, Tracie, George, James E., Mary Alice, Angela and Booie, all of whom are all in my thoughts and prayers.

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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