Smudge Stick

I went to bed last night visualizing my junk drawer. I was trying to think of what I could write in my blog today, if anything. I don’t just want to post things for the sake of posting. I want to make sure what I post is entertaining, maybe even enlightening. So, while rummaging through my junk drawer in my head, I wondered if I still had the smudge stick. I received the smudge stick from my friend on her wedding day, I believe. Though I have relocated at least twice since she was married, the smudge stick is still with me. Safely kept in the junk drawer.

The smudge stick fits in nicely with this blog. After all, smudge sticks are believed to help purify the energies around us. Specifically, the Sage/Cedar smudge stick I have is considered a cleanser and purifier that attracts positive and beneficial energies. Sounds like a timely thing to burn, eh? Still, I hold on to the smudge stick. And, once I am done writing, I will place it back in the junk drawer.

I can still smell the sage and cedar. Though the scent is not nearly as strong as it was when I originally received it, I find peace when I smell it. And, whenever I rifle through the junk drawer, I inevitably have to move the smudge stick to get to whatever it is I am trying to find. And, when I move the smudge stick, I am reminded of its purpose. I don’t need to light it to benefit from it. I can channel the positive energies with a quick sniff. (However, provided it isn’t so dry that it burns too quickly, I imagine the aroma would be wonderful.)

One of the many benefits of relationships is support – both giving and receiving. Though you may not connect with your relationships on a day to day basis, you know the relationships are there for you. One quick search in your junk drawer will confirm you’ve got the relationships you need in life. And, you may also find some relationships you don’t need in your life. But, that’s a post for another time.

My husband and I may not experience positive and beneficial energies on a daily basis, but as long as we know we are there, just behind the glue and to the left of the AA battery, the potential for connecting is always there for us. And sometimes, all you need is a little sniff – er, I  mean, smile.

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