Why? Why Am I Keeping These? Why?

If you’ve seen the television show “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, you know little Cindy-lou Who, who is no more than two. And, you know little Cindy-lou Who, who is no more than two, sees Santa trying to stuff her family’s Christmas tree up the chimney. When she sees Santa, she asks, “Why, San’tee Claus? Why? Why are you taking our Christmas tree? Why?”

Now, this is not a post about the Grinch, Cindy-lou Who, who is no more than two, or Christmas. This is a post about ‘why‘. Why do we do some of the things that we do? Why, people of the world? Why do we collect the baby teeth of our kids? Why?

Our oldest has now lost a total of three baby teeth. And, rather than throwing my son’s teeth away, I feel the need to save the teeth. I have the teeth safely stored in a special ‘little teeth’ container. And, I have the little container hidden, so my child doesn’t come across what the tooth fairy was to have taken with her. Why?!

Are we suppose to keep the first nail we clip from our child’s fingers and toes? That’s crazy gross, right? Well, why do we keep the teeth? And, how many parents have a lock of hair from their child’s first haircut? Why do we feel the need to collect bits and pieces of our children? And, why do these sorts of collections leave me feeling like I am a target for Dexter?

Who was the first Mom to keep their child’s tooth? And, why – oh why – did this become tradition? People of the world – is baby-teeth collecting a global thing? Or, are crazy Americans the only weirdos with a collection of baby teeth safely tucked away in a special container in one of their bedroom dresser drawers?

In this day and age where over-sharing is the norm, I am going to spare you a picture of my son’s 3 baby teeth. Let the record show, that even I have limits to the amount of information I share with the world. (Though clearly, my limits are few.) Now, if you’ll excuse me, my child just lost his first eyelash.


.:: Dust Mites
You may recall, my husband and I spent the weekend in the mountains. And, we enjoyed watching Dish Network’s Earth channel. Though many may find such a channel boring, my husband and I found it intriguing and amazing. I also found looking ‘down’ on planet earth both humbling and startling.

At night, while in the mountains, my husband and I sat on the deck for hours, staring at the countless stars. In the morning, we were literally awakened to the sunrise, watching it take place through the sliding glass doors in the bedroom. And, during the day we spent our time reading, writing and watching ‘planet earth’.

Life is good. Life is great. Life is happening all over this world, as I live it and see the earth upon which I live. I wonder what would happen if every public place had a streaming video of our earth. What would happen if everyone could see a live shot of earth from space at all times? Would we be moved to better protect our environment? Or, would we become quickly desensitized by the constant reminder of our Big Blue Marble?

As I watched the shot of earth from space, I could not help but think that we are the dust mites of the earth. From a distance, we are microscopic organisms feasting off its host. And, when we think of dust mites infesting our beds and linens, we shudder. Yet, viewing the earth from space, I can’t help but think we are the very things that make us shudder. Unfortunately, dust mites are – for the most part – harmless. Humans feeding off planet earth? Not so harmless.


Beautiful from space,
Beauty covers the planet.
Handle it with care.


.:: Lose a Tooth get a Prize
Earlier this week, as I mentioned in a previous post, Joe lost his first tooth. Though the tooth was loose for weeks, the ‘fall out’ seemed to happen suddenly and unexpectedly. And, because we don’t do the Easter Bunny or Santa (in the traditional sense), I had no clue how we’d handle the Tooth Fairy.

I told Rob I could go to the store to get something, but we decided we’d just give Joe a quarter and call it a ‘visit’.  That said, I looked in my wallet to see if I had any quarters. I didn’t. And, I knew I wouldn’t; we rarely carry cash. So, while the boys were getting a bath, I went into Charlie’s room and took a quarter out of their piggy bank. Rob walked in the room as I was taking the quarter. “Nice.” He said, smiling. “Stealing from the kids in the name of the Tooth Fairy.”

After their bath, Joe informed us that he was hoping he was going to get an ice cream sandwich or a lollipop from the Tooth Fairy. I told him I doubted that would happen. And, I reminded him that the ice cream sandwich would melt. Though, perhaps he was thinking he’d wake up in the middle of the night and eat it. Who knows.

When Joe was in bed, I crafted a little note to include in the pouch with the quarter. I had a feeling Joe was going to be disappointed, but I was hoping the simple ‘thought’ of a Tooth Fairy coming in the night would be enough to please him. Yeah. Not so much. He didn’t see the quarter initially, just the note; and, he was disappointed. I told him there was a quarter in the pouch, too, but he told me he didn’t want it. Ironic, because it was his quarter to begin with. I wonder if this means I can keep it?!

Knowing he was bummed, I agreed to buy him a lollipop. We don’t do lollipops in our house, so he was excited to hear he was going to get one. He became even more excited when he found out he was going to get two lollipops. Because, like all good Moms, I bribed him with a lollipop to get him to agree to getting his picture taken. Joe smiled and said, “You’re better than the Tooth Fairy.”


Why, he asks. Does she want my tooth?
Searching for answers is this little sleuth.

Why under the pillow? Why on my bed?
How can she get it? Will she lift my head?

The ways of the the fairy, the elf and the bunny.
He shakes his head, finding it all kind of funny.


.:: A New Job
This week I started a 2nd job – a paid gig. I am helping friends handle the ‘night shift’ of parenthood. They recently celebrated the birth of their second child. And, wishing they had a ‘night shift’ helper with their first child, they put a plan in action to have help with the second. So, two nights a week from 11PM until 7AM, I do what I can to let Mom and Dad sleep (though Mom does wake up once to nurse the newborn).

It’s kind of nice taking care of a newborn again. I feel like a grandparent – able to enjoy the little baby, while handing the cutie off to her parents at the end of the day. Um. Wait, I hand off the baby at the beginning of the day.

Yes, just two nights into my job, and I’ve already lost track of the days. When I came home Thursday morning, it took me all day to realize the day was Thursday not Wednesday. And, perhaps because I am in my 40s, I find recovering from an all-nighter takes more than one night to recover. As the sun sets on this Friday, I feel my energy starting to return. Yes, just like a newborn, I may be getting my days and nights mixed up. Sure hope I don’t wake Rob up tonight by crying out for a bottle. That would be awkward.


The memories of my babies as newborns are foggy.
Perhaps because much of it was spent feeling groggy.

A full night of sleep did not exist in those days.
So often we walked in a sleep-deprived haze.

And when sleep is something that you lack.
The days of the week become harder to track.


.:: And Now for Something Completely Random (Because it is Flighty Friday)
Top 7 Most Annoying Words/Phrases Currently Coming from the Mouth of My 5yr Old
7. “Oh, Baby.”
6. “Mr. Baby Underpants.”
5. “What did you say, Baby?”
4. “Mr. Baby Underpants”
3.  “Here we go, Baby!”
2. “Ok, Baby.”
1.  “Mr. Baby Underpants.”


Thanks for Reading. Be good yourself, and help take care of others.

A Tooth Fairy Tale

“My tooth fell out!” He said.

His tooth was loose for weeks, though no special attempts were made to pull it out prematurely. “It will come out when it is ready.” He heard his Mom and Dad say frequently. Still, he hadn’t expected the tooth to just ‘come out’. He had just put his finger on the tooth lightly, and he didn’t even wiggle it much. Suddenly, the little tooth was in his hand. Did he do something wrong?! He was new to this whole ‘losing a tooth’ thing. What was going to happen next? He wondered.

He walked into the kitchen. His parents looked at him and smiled. He wasn’t sure what to make of the experience, so he looked back at them with an expression of confusion and excitement. His younger brother came running to him, “Let me see! Let me see!” He rolled his eyes. ‘Younger brothers,’ he thought to himself. ‘They can be so annoying.’

“That’s great!” His Mom said. “Yeah! That’s exciting!” His Dad, agreed.

“Don’t get so excited about it.” He said back to his parents. Couldn’t they tell he was a little confused with what just happened? Couldn’t they see that he wasn’t ready for a big deal yet? How did the tooth just fall out? Why didn’t it hurt? Why didn’t he feel it? That is what troubled him most. He was expecting pain. He was expecting something bigger. This was too easy. Surely, there was more to losing a tooth, right?

After a few minutes, he did get excited. He remembered hearing about the Tooth Fairy from his friends. He ran to his Mom, “Does this mean the Tooth Fairy will come to my house?” He watched his Mom glance at his Dad. Her eyes got big, she shrugged and said, “Yeah. I guess it does mean the Tooth Fairy will come to our house tonight.”

Then he heard his Mom say to his Dad, “Looks like I’ll be going to the store tonight.” He hoped she’d get some ice cream sandwiches when she went to the store. He loved ice cream sandwiches.

Before bed, his Mom asked him for his tooth. He watched as she placed it in a small bag. “Put this under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy.” She said.

“What is she going to bring me?” He asked.

“Oh, I don’t know.” His Mom answered. “What do you want her to bring you?”

“A lollipop.” He said with a big missing tooth grin.

“Well, I don’t know if the Tooth Fairy brings lollipops. You’ll have to wait until you wake up. I’m sure she’ll leave something, though.”

All ready for bed, he found himself more excited about what the Tooth Fairy might bring him. “How will she get the bag, if it is under my pillow and under my head?” He asked, as his Mom tucked him in bed.

“Oh. I’m not sure. I guess she is just a clever fairy.” His Mom said.

He was going to try hard to stay awake. He wanted to meet this Tooth Fairy to make sure he was being given something good in exchange for his tooth. Unfortunately, he could feel himself falling asleep. He couldn’t hold on much longer …

Morning came, and he quickly moved his pillow to see if the little pouch was still there. It was! He quickly unzipped it. ‘Hmmmphf’ He thought with a frown. ‘That’s not a lollipop.’ He got out of bed and opened his  bedroom door. His Mom was standing right there, as if she was waiting for him.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“The Tooth Fairy just left me a note. I wanted a lollipop.” He said, as he walked away sad.

“Are you sure that is all that is in the pouch?” He heard his Mom ask. He didn’t listen. He wanted a lollipop, and he didn’t see one. He didn’t care if there was anything else in the pouch.

“I found a quarter.” His Mom said.

“I don’t want it.” He said, as his crossed his arms and huffed.

‘Stupid Tooth Fairy.’ He thought to himself. He didn’t care if she ever came back to his house.

“Well, I have to go to the store this morning. How about I buy you a lollipop?” His Mom asked.

He smiled. His Mom NEVER let him have lollipops. That is why he was hoping the Tooth Fairy would come through for him. “Really?!” He asked, hoping she wasn’t kidding.

“Sure.” She said.

“Yeah! Thanks, Mom!” He said, as he jumped up and down. ‘We don’t need no stinkin’ Tooth Fairy’ he said to himself.

“Let me take your picture, please.” His Mom said.

“No. I don’t want my picture taken.” He said. Though is Mom NEVER gave him lollipops, she was ALWAYS taking his picture. ALWAYS. Sometimes he thought about hiding her camera.

“Please?! I want to get a picture of your missing tooth.” She said again.

“Noooo!” He whined. He knew he was going to lose this battle, but he still wanted to fight it.

“I’ll give you two lollipops, if you let me take your picture.” His Mom said.

‘What?!’ He thought. ‘Is she serious? Man, I was going to let her win the battle eventually. I can’t believe she caved so quickly. Losing a tooth is a great thing! I can’t believe I am getting TWO lollipops.’

“OKAY!” He grinned.

Feeling generous (and knowing he was getting two lollipops), he let her take TWO pictures. ‘Take THAT Tooth Fairy.’