Another Dabble at a Drabble


Influenced by a fellow blogger, I’ve decided to devote the next few (or more) Fridays to drabbles. What is a drabble? Well, quoting that fellow blogger, Stevil , “a drabble is a very short story of exactly 100 words.”

Just as Steve does when he drabbles, I invite you to participate and suggest you tag your post with ‘Friday Drabble’ and use the hashtag #fridaydrabble on Twitter. Continue reading

The Proverbial Bridge


Patti left me a comment. She wrote, “I don’t know if you “do” awards, but I have one for you on Thursday’s blog if interested.”

When I read her comment, I chuckled to myself. Who doesn’t appreciate a kind word? Who doesn’t appreciate a special nod, letting you know that what you do makes a difference in the life of someone else?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not equating a nod from a friend to curing Polio or winning the Nobel prize. However, if you are able to make someone smile, help him/her get through a rough day, or just give someone’s stress filled mind a bit of respite for a moment or two, is that not something to appreciate? Continue reading

Realizations of a Writer


Not too long ago, I came out as a writer. That is I declared myself a writer based on the facts that I write and I like to write. I let go of the belief that one need be published to hold the title of ‘writer’. Weeks later, I find myself questioning my desire to call myself a writer.

As days pass and life fills my time with things that do not include writing, I feel less like a writer. Instead, the respect I have for those devoted to writing and sharing grows.

As I work at my desk, pulling up my blog during a lull in the workload, I lack motivation. Instead, the respect I have for those motivated to write on a daily basis grows.

How does one keep up the pace?

Continue reading

That word “Time”


Recently, I was in the hospital for severe abdominal pain. While waiting for my name to be called by the nurse, I looked around at the other patients in the room. Each person had his/her own injury or illness. As I curled up in pain, I wondered if the time was passing as slowly for the other patients as it was for me.

Then I wondered, trying to distract myself from the pain, how many times does a person say the word ‘time’ in a day? How many different ways does a person refer to time throughout the course of a day? And, what about absolute time and relative time, space-time and time dilation?

Okay, I did not really wonder about the scientific make-up of time, and I am not going to speak of time travel; however, I would not mind traveling through time with Doctor David Tennant. Doctor Who?! You ask. Exactly. Continue reading



Decompressing on a Saturday Morning

Good morning. My word for today is decompress. As I type, I am sitting by my husband and enjoying a casual Saturday morning. The boys spent the night at their grandparent’s house, last night. My husband and I went out for Mexican food and then enjoyed a quick trip to Target. We came home early, and we popped in the movie ‘The Hangover’. The movie started off funny enough, but we became bored with it after 45  minutes or so. As my husband said, “It just got silly.” I smiled when he said that, because ‘Raising Arizona’ is one of his favorite movies, which is nothing but silliness. I suppose his shrugging off ‘The Hangover’ is an indication of his age. Old silly movies are classics, new silly movies are just a waste of time. Continue reading