Another Ghost of My Blogging Past

I have spent the day wondering what I would write about in my next post. One topic brewing relates to the word ‘fair’, but the topic is still cooking and needs more time to simmer.

As I flipped through variousĀ  news stories and headlines, I started noticing more and more ‘year in review’ headlines. While scanning the blogosphere, I am seeing an increase in posts related to resolutions.

Christmas day has come and gone, and Hanukkah’s 8th night is tonight. After today, all eyes will be on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, gym memberships, and a rebirth sought through resolutions.

Well, I won’t play that game.

Though I may try to stay awake until midnight on December 31st, I have no grand plans for ringing in the new year. I am not joining a gym, and I am not making any resolutions. Read more

So, this is a new year, eh?

It is the start of another week, and the end of the year holidays have come and gone. I can feel myself exhale, as I slip into the comfort of a routine. And, though the calendar indicates a new year has started, today seemed just like another day on any given year. Well, I am potty trained now, so obviously I am not counting my diaper wearing years. Oh, and I am not referring to my pre-driving years, either. I suppose, if I must be specific, … never mind. Read more