Where is the reset button?

5:00 AM
I hear my radio and the WSB radio news team filling me in on breaking news from the overnight hours.

5:10 AM
I stumble out of bed, getting myself ready before the troops awaken. Ready to enjoy the quiet of morning with my first cup of coffee in hand, I turn on my laptop computer and start working on my paid gig.

5:35 AM
“Mommy. I have to go potty, but Joe didn’t flush, and he pooped. It smells yucky.”

5:50 AM
“Mommy. I can’t find my favorite shirt.”

6:10 AM
“Mommy. Can I come out of my room yet?”

6:25 AM
“Mommy. I lost four beads to my bracelet.”

6:30 AM
I turn on the TV so the boys can watch ‘Word Girl’, as I remind the boys they are supposed to stay in their room until 6:30AM. While the boys get settled and start watching TV, I sip my coffee and start entering leads into a database.

6:31 AM
The work laptop shuts off without a message or warning of any kind. I am unable to restart the laptop. No pulse, what.so.ever.

Good morning!

Under the Influence

Good morning. I start this blog relatively early in the morning, but I am willing to bet I will finish the blog in the late afternoon. Join me, please, while I share some thoughts with you. Today I am influenced by a rare 3rd cup of coffee. I typically stop at two. I’m not sure good things come from three cups of coffee. Then again, today may be the day that I get tons of hits on my blog and I become famous. Hmmm . . . perhaps I should go for four cups of coffee today? Based on my shaking hands, I’ll forgo the 4th cup. Continue reading “Under the Influence”