Project 366: Day 271 The Profile of a Child

I pick up my cell phone and punch in the numbers. “Rob, would you please ask Joe to stick his head out of the window? I’d like to get a picture.” We left the house at the same time, but we took separate cars. He is taking the boys to school, and I am going straight to the office.

“I saw you taking pictures.” Rob says. “I don’t like you taking pictures like that. I’m not going to tell him to do that.”

I grumble a bit, feeling like a child being scolded by a parent. “Okay, fine. Thanks anyway.” I say.

My insides ache, as the unattainable photo opportunities mock me. Then I notice Charlie’s profile outlined by the sun, and Rob’s sunlit face reflecting in the rear-view mirror. With the cars stopped, I use the zoom lens to bring the subjects closer, and I quickly take my shot. Before the cars move again, I place my camera back in the camera bag. The child in me wins again.

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Project 366: Day 266 First Love

Please note: today is day 266 of Project 366. Only 100 days left in the year, folks. Can you believe it? I cannot.

This afternoon, we took the boys to a park to meet a friend from school. While waiting for the friend to arrive, Joe seemed to make a new friend. They chatted and played together for a long time. And, like any good paparazzi mother, I was there lurking in the distance making sure my son was safe.

Her name is Danielle, and Joe talked about her at dinner. I asked if he thought he’d ever see her again. “I don’t know,” he said. “Probably.” We don’t go to that particular park too often, so I’m not so sure. We’ll see what fate has in store.

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Project 366: Day 261 Words about Walter

Day 261, the day I combine many words (over 1,000) with the picture.

Rob was out of town last week, from Sunday through Friday. When he returned home, I milked his presence, and I let the boys soak up time with their Dad. On Sunday, after church, I took a nice long nap, while Rob did his thing, and the boys did their thing. Continue reading

Project 366: Day 260 The squeaky wheel gets the picture

This was not the picture I planned on posting today. I was going to pull from my collection of Amherst Shore pictures taken over the summer. You know, share a picture that oozes peace, beauty, and quiet. After all, today – in my world – is Sunday. This is my day of rest. And, I did rest. I took a nice and long nap.

Now? Well, now I am trying to catch up on blog posts. Alas, my youngest has other plans. He’s hoovering. He’s questioning. He’s staring. Hence, he’s the subject of the day.

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Project 366: Day 259 Birthday Girl

Today we celebrated our friend Tessa’s 2nd birthday. Tessa is a special friend of our family, because I was her ‘nighttime nanny’ during her first few months of life.

During the nighttime hours, I tended to Tessa’s needs, while her parents tended to the needs of her older sister. Her sister didn’t have many needs, so really Tessa’s parents tended to their sleep needs.

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