Letting Go of Facebook … Almost


Facebook is undergoing many changes, as is WordPress and a number of other websites. Change is inevitable. I am not against change. In fact, I change my mind several times a minute day.

I am uncertain as to whether my dwindling love for Facebook is due to the changes or due to my age. Whatever the reason, I am enjoying Facebook less and less. Continue reading

Our Mentor, Teacher, and Friend


One Tuesday night at 7:10 PM my 5yr old asked, “Mommy, may I call Ms. Suzann?”

Looking at the clock and noting the time, I responded, “Sure. You can try to call her, but she may already be in bed.”

Running to get himself ready for bed, Charlie yelled from his room, “Tell me when you’re ready.” (He needed me to enter Suzann’s phone number.)

I told him I was ready, and he appeared immediately, wearing only his pajama bottoms. Smiling, I dialed the number for him. As I handed him the phone I reminded him, “Please don’t get upset if she doesn’t answer. Just leave her a message. You’ll see her in the morning.” He took the phone, pressing it against his ear, and walked away. Continue reading

Interrupted with hope


UPDATE: Tonight, February 14th, Frontline (on your local PBS station) is airing a special about ‘The Interrupters’. I hope you’ll watch it or record it to watch later.

One night, while driving in my car, I tuned into National Public Radio’s Fresh Air. Terry Gross was interviewing Steve James and Ameena Matthews about the documentary film titled “The Interrupters”.

Directed and photographed by Steve James, and produced by Alex Kotlowitz and Steve James, “the documentary tells the moving and surprising story of three dedicated individuals who try to protect their Chicago communities from the violence they themselves once employed. These “violence interrupters” (their job title) – who have credibility on the street because of their own personal histories – intervene in conflicts before the incidents explode into violence. Their work and their insights are informed by their own journeys, which, as each of them point out, defy easy characterization.” [The Interrupters’ Press Kit.]

Though I heard this particular radio program days ago, the story is in my heart and on my mind. Continue reading

An Internet Connection


Nearly two years ago, I met some gals through friends. Though I did not have much in common with the gals, I was desperately seeking a connection. I needed to make new friends. I needed to find something outside of my life as a wife and mother. However, much like one can lead a horse to water but one cannot make the horse drink, one can fill a room with gals but one cannot force a friendship.

Though I did not generate any lasting friendships with the gals, I do give them credit for the fact that I started this blog. The gals were voracious readers and writers. I found their passion for the written word infectious. My love for writing has existed as long as I can remember, but I did little to fuel my passion. As I listened to the gals discuss their fanfiction sites and stories, I decided the time had come for me to do my own writing. Enter WordPress and Lenore Diane’s Thoughts Exactly. Continue reading