Pardon me while I pat myself on the back.

On January 8, 2017, I made the decision to change my lifestyle. No, this isn’t some coming out notice or anything along those lines. The lifestyle change I am referring to is weight loss and weight loss maintenance. When I stepped on the scale the morning of January 8 and read the numbers “167.5”, I had the realization that 170 was becoming a future reality for me. I did not want that reality, and I made the decision to get as far away from 170 as possible. I immediately set a goal: I will get to 155.0 by March 1.

The first step I took was not eating past 7pm. In fact, I made sure I brushed my teeth between 7:00 and 7:30 to ensure I didn’t eat. I realize that may sound odd, but for me, once I brush my teeth, my desire to eat diminishes.

The second step I took, simultaneously with step 1, was weighing myself every day at the same time of day (morning) and writing the weight on the mirror (every day). Seeing the number kept me focused and motivated – even when the weight didn’t drop and/or increased a bit.

The third step I took came into play after my husband, Rob, had to go on meds to address his high blood pressure. In an effort to help the meds better improve a change in his blood pressure, we decided to join a gym and exercise on a regular basis. Around February 11th, we joined Anytime Fitness.

I had not exercised for years. Someone once told me they were on an exercise hiatus. I thought that was hysterical, and I started telling people the same thing.

Since joining Anytime Fitness in February, Rob and I have been exercising regularly – at least six days a week, and with my hard work and commitment, I made my goal on March 1st, weighing in at 155.0.

Once I hit 155, I wondered if I could drop to 150.

I decided to extend my workout a little longer and push a little harder, to continue weighing myself daily and writing down the number, and to continue eating a healthy diet. By the middle of April my weight was 147.0, and this morning – my weight was 145.5.

Today I had my annual physical, and for the first time in over 15yrs, the doctor’s scale was below 150. I was elated. In fact, I was beyond elated, because the scale showed a weight of 147, and I was fully dressed, with shoes, and it was 1:15 pm in the afternoon.

But “weight” there’s more.

Last year, my doctor wanted me to take an iron and a vitamin D supplement, because I was anemic and had low vitamin D levels. I did as I was told for a few weeks, but I slowly got out of the habit. However, when I began this lifestyle change, I started taking a Flintstones chew-able multivitamin. (Yep, Flintstones. Yep, the same multivitamin my boys take.) I wasn’t 100% certain the multi-vitamin would have enough iron and vitamin D for me, but I figured it was better than nothing. Plus, it’s way more fun to hang out with the Flintstones than it is to hang out with One-A-Day.

Today, along with being elated about my weight, I was elated to find out my blood-work was excellent. The results of the blood-work impressed my doctor greatly, and she said it’s the best numbers she’s seen [in all her patients] in years. My iron and vitamin D levels are smack-dab in the middle of normal. And my normally low blood pressure? It’s lower, too at 102/60. (Previous normal low was @ 110/70.)

I am pleased with myself. I started this new lifestyle, and I set it up in a way that I know I can continue living it. I’m making this lifestyle a priority in my life, and I make sure there is time for it. It’s not always easy, and I don’t always look forward to going to the gym, but the positive results I’ve gained continue to motivate me. I look good. I feel good. And, I am stronger. Plus, like many of you, I kept my old clothes, hoping to fit in them again one day. Well, 15yrs and 20 lbs later, that “one day” is here! And, lucky for me, my fashion sense has always been lacking, so my lack of style 15yrs ago is still as [not] happening as it was then. #winning

As they say, “That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!” I made a lifestyle change, and I am happily living it out. Good job, Lenore. Well done!

Lenore and Claire
My 48yr old self with my 24yr old friend/coworker. We look like we just walked off a college campus, right? Well, one of us does.


I was losing weight without exercising, by simply not eating after 7pm. The weight-loss was slow but steady. When I added the exercise, the pace of the weight-loss increased, but it was still a seemingly slow process. Being patient and letting the weight come off gradually was hard, but I kept going, because I wanted to meet the goal. One doesn’t gain weight overnight – so one can’t expect to lose weight overnight.

I am married, have two kids, two dogs, and two cats. Both my husband and I work full-time. We pay a total of $60 a month for our gym membership. Monday – Friday, Rob and I typically go to the gym after dinner. On Saturdays and Sundays, Rob and I will go to the gym in the morning. Adding a structured exercise program doesn’t make it an easy lifestyle for us, but the benefits outweigh the challenges.


.:The ‘My kid is home’ diet

Who knew Joe going to school and coming home at 2:30 PM Monday through Friday would do wonders for my waistline? Since Joe started school, which was Monday, I have lost two pounds. Two pounds, People! Two!

Why? Because I’ve started exercising! Yeah. Right. No, the real reason is because, I do not eat junk food in front of the kids. What I do behind my closet door is my own business. I’d rather not influence my kids with my poor eating habits. The fact that I eat behind my closet door is completely normal and will not scar the boys in any way, shape or form. (That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.) Anyway … my prime ‘snack/binge’ time typically occurs between 3pm and 5pm. However, now that I have supervision during my afternoons, the binges have ceased. Dang blast it.

Well, the binges ceased as of Tuesday. You see, Monday afternoon, Joe caught me eating chips around 4pm. He had gone to my neighbor’s house to play with her son, Joseph. I saw his departure as chance to raid the cabinet. However, about 10 minutes later he came back to the house to get something to show Joseph. I felt my face blush.

“Oh! Chips!” He said.

“You caught me.” I said surprised.

“What?” He asked. Thank goodness for the naivety of a 5yr old.

“Oh nothing.” I said.

“Can I have some?” He asked, while simultaneously reaching his hand in the bag.

He was back out the door within minutes. The coast was clear. I could commence my binge eating in peace. I think it best that Joseph come to our house and play after school. After all, I still have 8 pounds I’d like to lose.


Distracted by life may help me lose weight.
Being busy and watched, the food I abate.

No more afternoon snicky-snacks for me.
I’ve settled for a cup of decaf green tea.

Eating ice cream on weekends? Still a mandate.


.:It’s Called ‘Perspective’

“Now that my kid is in school, he no longer to take naps.”

“Really? Oh well.”

“Oh well?! Oh well?! What do you mean ‘Oh well’? You don’t understand. He is so cranky when he gets home. He drives me crazy! He’s cranky. I’m cranky. We’re all cranky. AND, I have work to do for my paid gig. I can’t be at his beck and call every time he becks and calls. This school thing sucks. Seriously. I tip my hats to all the stay at home Moms that are home and love it. I don’t love it. I’m sorry, but I don’t. And, juggling work, home chores and Mom chores is – well it sucks! Oh. And. AND. What happens during the school breaks?! How in the heck am I going to manage that AND my paid gig? Huh? Tell me that.”

“My Mom has Cancer. That sucks more.”


Sometimes it’s hard to put things into perspective.
Because the challenges we face are always subjective.

We all carry rocks in our life backpack.
And sometimes we pick what we add to the sack.

So, remember some problems are purely elective.


I Spy

I spy with my little eye, something the color ‘red’. ‘I spy’ is a game we play during dinner. We also have several ‘I spy’ books, which we read before bed. I’m not sure it’s the best book to read before bed, because the pictures on the pages of the ‘I spy’ book are so busy, as are your eyes and brain, as you try to find various items hidden within the busy picture. It’s not exactly a calming and quiet read.

Today my brain is as full as the pages in an ‘I spy’ book. I have so many thoughts and ideas, but I’m not sure where to take these thoughts and ideas. As I type, I can smell the Cinnamon and Sugar Yankee Candle that burns in my kitchen. I am wondering if a blog about Yankee Candle would be entertaining. No worries. I’m going with the thought that it wouldn’t be entertaining. But I must tell you, the cinnamon and sugar candle is heavenly. Continue reading “I Spy”