Before I die, I hope to see …


Today, I am participating in Monday Listicles, a weekly creation started by Stasha at The Good Life. The idea for today’s list comes from Ally at Two Normal Moms: 10 things you’d like to see happen before you die.

The idea for this list excites me and leaves me feeling uncomfortable. (Pretty normal for psycho me to have opposing feelings.) The idea excites me, because my imagination runs wild with the possibilities that life holds for me and my family, and the idea leaves me uncomfortable, because I have a slight fear of death. Alas, as always seems to be the case for me, my curiosity surpasses my fear. (and, as always, I’m not short winded with my list.) Continue reading

Another Ghost of My Blogging Past


I have spent the day wondering what I would write about in my next post. One topic brewing relates to the word ‘fair’, but the topic is still cooking and needs more time to simmer.

As I flipped through various¬† news stories and headlines, I started noticing more and more ‘year in review’ headlines. While scanning the blogosphere, I am seeing an increase in posts related to resolutions.

Christmas day has come and gone, and Hanukkah’s 8th night is tonight. After today, all eyes will be on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, gym memberships, and a rebirth sought through resolutions.

Well, I won’t play that game.

Though I may try to stay awake until midnight on December 31st, I have no grand plans for ringing in the new year. I am not joining a gym, and I am not making any resolutions. Continue reading

A Tad Bit Obsessed


I heard the news today. Oh boy.

No, I am not singing a Beatles song. I really did hear the news today, and I really did utter an “Oh boy”.

After hearing the news, I took to the internet to find articles about what I had heard. My heart was sinking. Still, I mustered through the morning, which included seeing my son take part in his class play. On my way to my boss’ house, I heard the sad news again, and I began to talk to myself. I knew a post was pending.

I set up my laptops for work and checked my email. Immediately, I noticed the subject of one certain email from a longtime friend. Continue reading

Untitled in Two Parts


My frequent visitors may recall, my friend’s Mom died December 23,¬† 2010. I wrote a post on Dec. 8th, as my friend, Andrea HT, headed to NC to be with her Mom before she died. No formal memorial/burial took place immediately following the death of my friend’s Mom. She and her Dad decided to wait for warmer weather, brighter and more colorful days to remember the life of Valentina Hartford.

Part I
Recently, my family and I returned from Hillsborough, NC, the location of the memorial celebration. The word ‘celebration’ follows the word ‘memorial’, because the purpose was to celebrate the life of Valentina. The celebration took place on a farm off Highland Farm Road. Though the gathering took place in the middle of June, the weather was pleasant.

The heat and humidity that seems to be a constant during the summer, eased its grip on this particular day. Pop-up thunderstorms, another common occurrence in the summer, were non-existent, and the farm offered a picturesque setting, complete with a rustic barn and a worn red tractor in the pasture. Continue reading