Breaking News :: Frozen Foods Cure Fevers


I interrupt my sick-induced respite, as well as your life, to bring you this breaking news.

My 7yr old has just alerted me to the fact that frozen foods cure fevers.

Due to technical difficulties, we are not able to bring you any video or audio of the incredible and groundbreaking information. What follows is a copy of the transcript.


Joe: Mommy, did you know frozen foods cure fevers?

Mommy: No, I did not know that.

Joe: Well, it is true. When you have a fever, it is because your body is very hot. So, what you do is you eat lots of frozen food. The cold from the frozen food will meet up with the germs, which are hot. Once the frozen foods connect with the germs, the germs sizzle. You’ll feel a little weird at first, but then you’ll feel better. So, since you have a fever, you should eat frozen foods. Oh, and you need to drink tons of water, too. Frozen foods and water are very important when you have a fever.


This concludes this breaking news story, you may return to your life already in progress.

A mind at work.