Project 366: Day 14

Today, in our house, a boy is celebrating his 7th birthday. We will be surrounded by friends and family, while I simultaneously stare at a kid that is growing up before my eyes. Oh, and we’ll have cake and ice cream. Lots of ice cream.

I hope you find something to celebrate today. Actually, the fact that you lived to see another day is reason enough to celebrate, don’t you think? Go on … let yourself eat cake! Continue reading “Project 366: Day 14”

Forty two years ago today …

Forty two years ago today, my brother cried. He was bummed that his Mom birthed another baby girl. He already had four sisters, and he really didn’t want a fifth. Nowadays, my brother does his best to make me cry, while his wife does her best to keep us separated during family gatherings. I’m kidding. Sorta. My brother and I definitely (and sometimes deliberately) push each others buttons, but we have a healthy and happy brother/sister relationship. (Oh hush, Joe D. We do, too.) Continue reading “Forty two years ago today …”

Birthday wishes and a pair of pantyhose

Lady Redundant Woman, A Villain from WordGirl

I am the counterpart to WordGirl’s Lady Redundant Woman. By that I mean, I repeat things. I am redundant. And, though Lady Redundant Woman has no real purpose in this post, I still feel the need to refer to her. I have a tendency to say the same thing more than once. I repeat myself. Who knows, maybe this post is a repeat. Continue reading “Birthday wishes and a pair of pantyhose”