Because Kim did it, and it did not require jumping off a bridge

I have a post in my draft folder. The potentially pending post is not one of my happier posts. (Please take a moment and re-read that last sentence with the alluring alliteration. Lovely.)

The post currently residing in my draft folder was penned by my alter ego, Grumbling Gus. I sent the post to one of my blogging buddies, Pleasant Penelope. She was kind enough to say the blog is mine and the rules pertaining to my blog are mine.

While wondering whether or not to publish the draft, I read my friend Kim’s latest post, which was inspired by Just Jennifer, which was initiated by The Good Life. (I’m feeling a little dizzy.) Continue reading “Because Kim did it, and it did not require jumping off a bridge”

We Get It

Once I parked the car in the carpool line at Joe’s school, I started to look through Charlie’s school bag. “Oh Charlie! This is adorable!” I said, while holding up the sweetest little, tattered and well-loved doll.

“That’s not mine.” Charlie said. “That’s Sarah’s doll. She must have put it in my bag by accident. She needs that doll. She is always upset in the morning, and the doll helps her.”

“Was Sarah already gone, when I picked you up at school?” I asked.

“Yes.” Charlie replied. Continue reading “We Get It”

Letting go of Little Baby Girl

What began in September 2010 ended today – March 31, 2011. After giving my bosses my two week notice, I completed my last night on the job last night – er, this morning. Whatever.

My bosses, a Mom and Dad, hired me to watch their newborn two nights a week. The purpose was to help with the night-time feedings, as well as getting baby ready to face the day in the morning. The job also included household chores such as changing diaper pails, helping with laundry and feeding their cats. Continue reading “Letting go of Little Baby Girl”