Coffee, bagel and people watching

This morning I walked to Einstein Bros Bagels for a cup of coffee and a bagel. I enjoyed my morning meal sitting at a table for one. And, as I sat waiting for both the coffee and the bagel sandwich to cool down to a safe edible temperature, I looked around at the people also enjoying coffee and baked goods.

People watching is one of my most favorite hobbies. My imagination runs wild when I see people out and about in the world. I know what I envision in my mind is no where near what the reality is for the people I see, still I have fun creating various stories. This morning was no different, though much of what I observed seemed too real. Sitting in small restaurants, it is hard not to hear the conversations that take place around you. And, people seem less aware of their surroundings these days, as they walk around lost in conversation on their cell phones. I am amazed how many bits of information are shared quite loudly during cell phone conversations. I often wonder if the person on the other end realizes the person with whom they are speaking is making their ‘private’ conversation public. Read more