Inspired by the pretzel and remembering September 11, 2001

It has been said that pretzels were made to symbolize praying, with the strips of dough folded to resemble arms crossing the chest. This past Sunday, the lesson for the 3rd grade Sunday school class was about the importance of loving your enemies, and the kids made pretzels to remind them to pray for their enemies. Read more

But we do – we do forget.

Generally speaking, anniversaries are cause for celebration. Whether gathering together in honor of someone’s birthday or honoring another year married, anniversary celebrations are filled with smiling faces and the sounds of laughter. However, anniversaries can also mark a time in history when neither smiling faces nor the sound of laughter exist.

Throughout the world, anniversaries exist and remind us of a specific time when governments, terrorists, dictators, etc. killed innocent people. As the date nears, conversations grow, pictures and videos resurface, and people recall their own memories of the tragedy. Read more