Word Games or How Words with Friends may leave you feeling depressed, because your friends always use the triple word square, and they always win with words like qi and xi.

This post is dedicated to Mike S., a guy who – for years – has surpassed me with his knowledge of music and art. And now, in this age of Facebook, he surpasses me with his knowledge of words and his skill in the game “Words with Friends”.*

I have always had a thing for word games. When I was little, I would watch my Mom play Jumble, which was printed in the comics section of the newspaper. Eventually, I started to ‘jumble’ with my Mom often asking the question, “Is this a word I know?” Continue reading

Project 366: Day 179

Wilbur is a funny dog. With confidence, I say he is one of the weirdest dogs I have met. Regardless of his quirks, regardless of his stinky gas and gurgley belly, Wilbur can also claim to be one of the most loyal dogs. He is at our side through thick and thin, and he is at his sister’s side, too. (Cherokee)

I’ve often said, when one of the siblings passes, the other will pass shortly after of a broken heart. Until then, we love our Wilbur (and Cherokee).



Project 366: Day 177

It’s a girl! We welcome yet another pooch onto our Ark.

It is my pleasure to introduce the lovely Border Collie Augie. She’s the happiest dog on the block. My her smile bring you joy on this day.

Psst… She’s not really living with us. She’s happily living at her real house with my sister and her husband. We got to see Augie over the weekend, and I just couldn’t resist sharing her smile with you. Continue reading

Project 366: Day 176

As you read this, my nearly 80yr old Mom and two of my nephews are in a car heading north. Their destination is Amherst Shore, Nova Scotia. My family and I hope to head up that way before school starts.

We spent Saturday hanging out with my Mom, getting one last visit in with her before she left. Of course, I had my camera with me, and I planned on snapping a shot to use today. Unfortunately, I couldn’t decide which picture to use, so you get all four. You’re welcome. Continue reading