Project 366: Day 195

Soon, Rob, the boys, and I will load up a car and head North for Amherst Shore, Nova Scotia. Amherst Shore is a place my Mom’s family has visited annually for over 100 years. Seriously.

As a child spending my summers at Amherst Shore, I remember eating meals on brightly colored plates and in brightly colored bowls. When I moved out on my own and had to invest in my own plates, bowls, etc., I bought a small set of the same stuff we used at the Shore. And when Rob and I were married, I seized the opportunity to register for more of the colorful collection.

Every time I use our plates, bowls, etc., I am taken back to the summers of my youth. Long live Fiesta-ware, and long live Amherst Shore!

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Project 366: Day 194

When the boys were in school and we spent a great part of the day in the car together, I took many pictures through the rear view or side view mirror. Recently, two Facebook friends of mine (well, they are real life friends, too) posted pictures of their kids, taken through a side view mirror.

Because I am a follower and not a leader, and because I am taking the boys to camp this week, I took a moment to reflect. May all your moments of reflection be as cute. (Please note, the moment of reflection took place at a red light, while securely fastened in our seat-belts.)

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A Dog Gone Good Contest

Today is Wednesday July 11th, have you submitted your dog photo yet? Entries will not be accepted after midnight on the 14th of July. (That’s this coming Saturday for the calendar challenged.)

What is this talk about submitting a dog photo? Well, you can access my original post here. Suffice it to say, I’m looking for the best (non-professional) picture that you (or your loved one) took of a dog. I will pick my top five favorites, and I will leave the final decision to the voters. Continue reading

Project 366: Day 192

A month ago (or more), the dogs attacked a snake. I am sorry to say that the snake did not survive the ambush. Rather than try to describe the large size of the snake, I will simply tell you that vultures circled our house waiting for the dogs to go inside.

This picture lives on my computer Desktop. I did not intend to include it in my Project 366; however, I feel proverbial vultures circling me. These carnivores are watching me push the papers of incomplete posts from one side of the desk to the other, avoiding completion. They are looking to swoop in and snatch the things I want to complete. Hopefully, this week, those vultures will be gone, and my posts will be published.
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