Wednesday’s What is It?

My friend Leonore (of A Modern Day Dinosaur) is in the midst of Project 365. Similar to my 2012 Project 366, Leonore is posting a new picture every day. Last week she posted a mystery picture of sorts, asking people to guess what it was that she captured. (Day 57: Can you guess what it is?)

Her challenge reminded me of a magazine my family subscribed to when I was young. I believe the name of the magazine was World, and it may have been tied to National Geographic. The back of the magazine had 9 or 12 small pictures you were to try to identify. I remember the fun I had trying to determine the various pictures.

Because of Leonore’s mystery picture last week, and my reminiscing about World magazine, I welcome you to “Wednesday’s What is It?” I don’t promise to post a new picture every Wednesday, but I will try. I will also try to make the pictures more challenging, as this one seems much too easy. Alas, one has to start somewhere.

Let me know what you think this picture shows. No prizes to speak of at this point and time, though I suppose that could change. Nonetheless, if you identify the picture below, you can feel a sense of pride in correctly guessing my first mystery picture.

What is it Wednesday


45 thoughts on “Wednesday’s What is It?

  1. Hmmm…the first thing that popped into my mind was a wheel, but it couldn’t be a wheel with the bar coming out like that. Umbrella stand seems pretty likely. Tricky, though. Also looks like it could be part of a fan.

    1. Ooooh… I bet you could take some really good pictures, Steve. I hope you will play, too.
      Do you remember the game show “Liar’s Club?” I loved that game.
      Come back on Friday to find out whether or not your guess is correct.

  2. I think that I had a subscription to that magazine as well when I was a kid. I remember the little photos – usually very close up – and you had to guess what was. They weren’t easy!

    1. Do you know who published the magazine, Jackie? I’ve looked all over, but I cannot find it anywhere. National Geographic seems to come up with every search I make, so I wonder if it was from the creators of National Geographic. And no, they were not easy to identify.

  3. Umbrella sounds possible, but my first impression was a really clear close-up of a Kinex piece(s). I’ll go out on an umbrella, I mean limb, and say Kinex piece(s) – which makes me win regardless because it compliments rather highly your photographic skills!

  4. This is a fabulous photo! I would have guessed a bicycle hub…a very clean one, maybe in the store? But, I already know the answer. πŸ˜‰ Cheated.

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