Project 366: Day 360 A Family Gathering

Thankfully, our family doesn’t just gather for holidays. Still, the family coming together on Christmas is pretty special. This picture does not include a sister and her kids, as well as five other nieces and nephews (and their kids).


Project 366 Day 360


14 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 360 A Family Gathering

  1. Yes, the group looks sparse without me, my three and even Jeff. It is nice you did not have a “big” crowd to coordinate and line up for this photo op. Yeah, some years, these pictures are easy! Great pic!! Well done!

    1. Yes. How wonderful we are – for the most part – all local. We have one sister that lives out of state, but she does fly to see us several times a year. I am grateful for the proximity of most of us.

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