BlogFestivus 2012 :: Part 4 and Part 5

BlogFestivus 2012: a seasonal short story writing challenge.

Blogdramedy’s writing challenge continues. After reading the third part of my 9-part series, please access the links to the other writers on board this joyous reindeer train. You’ll find the list of links at the end of this post. Please accept my apologies in advance. Due to the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, my mood has changed dramatically, which in turn is changing my story.


Day 4 – The Note:

“There is still no answer.” Vixen said.

“Maybe he is on his way here.” Comet said.

“Well, if that is the case, you’d think he would have answered his cell phone. I’ve tried that number several times, too.”

The two deer were sitting in Vixen’s living room waiting for their friend. Every Saturday, the three got together for coffee at the local coffee house. Of course, closer to the holidays, the three would dress incognito, so as to avoid hunters and children alike.

“How much longer are we going to wait, Vix?” Comet asked. “I’m jonesing for my mocha.”

“You’re such a buck.” Vixen winked. “If only folks knew you preferred the lighter side to coffee versus the straight up black gold.”

“We can’t all go black like you, Vix. I gotta take a leak.”

“Nice, my friend. Go ahead. Make sure you put the seat back down.” She shook her head, as he walked towards the bathroom. “And clean up after yourself!” She yelled. “Don’t leave any drips behind!”

Vixen wasn’t sure how she managed to get herself involved with these bucks. She’d been friends with Comet for years, and he always spoke highly of his friends. When Santa wanted to open his sleigh team to women, Comet encouraged her to give it a go. She was surprised she was the only one to succeed.

Suddenly, Vixen’s front door burst open. “It was a joke! It was supposed to be a joke!”


Day 5 – The Note:

“What on earth?!” Prancer exclaimed, after reading the note. “How could this happen? What are we going to do?”

“We’ve asked those same questions, Prancer.” Dancer said. “We wanted to get everyone together and figure out the best plan of action.”

“So you’re going house to house? Bombarding us one by one with this horrible news?” Prancer was pissed. “And you, Dasher. You are such a freakin’ bully. Why can’t you just play nice? Play nice, for crying out loud!”

“Calm down, Prancer.” Dasher said. “We know this is bad. We get it. We are just –“

“Just trying to what, Dasher? Trying to clean it up, so you won’t get caught? Trying to run from your mistakes! This is all you, Dasher. This is all you.”

“Prancer,” Dancer said. “You’re out of line. We’re all to blame, and you know it.”

Prancer picked up one of his leg weights and threw it against the wall. “I’m so sick of this!” He yelled.

He knew he was as much to blame as the others. Making fun of the kid was easy, too easy. But, it was all done in jest. The gang genuinely loved the guy. He must have known they liked him. He thought about the old cliché, you always hurt the ones you love.

Dasher and Dancer put their hooves around Prancer.

The phone rang, breaking the silence. It was Vixen. “He’s okay.” She said. “He’s here, and he is okay.”


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8 thoughts on “BlogFestivus 2012 :: Part 4 and Part 5

  1. I can sense where I think the story was going and where it’s turned to. I tell ya, LD, I almost stopped writing because I thought how can i write anything “fun” with this going on. And I didn’t like the feeling of giving up. Good for you.

    1. Yes – the ending now will not be what I had written for the ending prior to now. I had the last few words already typed and ready to roll… funny how things change. Here’s to getting back to it tomorrow. Thanks for the motivation.

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