Project 366: Day 367 “Can I Hear ‘Sunshine’?”

I’m late. No, I’m not pregnant. By late, I mean I am posting day 367 on day 368. Please forgive me.

Yesterday, Charlie spent the afternoon with his friend, and as soon as he got in the car to go home, Charlie asked me his usual question. “Can I hear ‘Sunshine’?”

‘Sunshine’ is the name my boys call a certain John Denver CD we have in the car. We listen to the CD every time we get in the car. If the boys are coming home from church, school, or a friend’s house, they fall asleep before the first song ends. Yesterday was no different.



14 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 367 “Can I Hear ‘Sunshine’?”

  1. My sister would LOVE you! She is a huge John Denver fan. Huge! What a sweet picture and I bet the song is “Sunshine on my Shoulder” or whatever the real name of it is.

    1. I, too, am a huge fan. I have a boxed set of his CDs, and each CD is the name of one of his popular songs. “Sunshine on my Shoulders” being one of the songs/CDs. The funny thing is – the boys want me to skip the first two songs, including ‘Sunshine’. They like to start that particular CD with his song “Amazon”.

  2. I love his music, too. Of course, I’m from “Almost Heaven, West Virginia.” 🙂 Boxed set? Hmmm. I usually catch the PBS special featuring his music when they air it.

  3. I like that song, too, Lenore. But the title of this post made me think it was about those impossible-to-answer questions that kids ask. (My daughter once asked, “Where is Christmas?”)

    I’m going to play the John Denver CD in the car this afternoon. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. I hope you pulled out your JD CD and enjoyed his music, Charles. We rotate between three of his CDs. I love the fact that my kids like listening to his music. And, I chuckle at your daughter’s questions. My boys have asked similar questions, too. Kids are awesome.

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