Project 366: Day 188

I gripe and groan on occasion. I stress about this and that sometimes. Thankfully, I am able to forget the gripes, groans, and stress when these good looking men in life flash their wonderful smile. (Their sky-blue eyes aren’t too shabby, either.)



21 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 188

    1. I couldn’t really ‘see’ the guys through the camera, because it was so dark. When I realized how good the picture was – I was pleasantly surprised. Night shots are shots in the dark. (hee, hee)

  1. Heavens to Betsy, Lenore (bet you you haven’t heard that one in awhile/or never) They are all just sooo handsome! Are you ever just awestruck at how fortunate you are when you “really” look at a picture like that?? Count your many blessings, and thanks for allowing us to take a “peek” into your everyday life … I look forward to the pictures with anticipation each day! Now GO … gather those three fellas up and give “em a big hug! Donna H.

    1. Rest assured, Donna, not a day goes by that I don’t consider myself fortunate. (Though it may take a back seat when either one of the men in my life are being a little annoying.) And hugs are a daily occurrence in our house, to the point my boys may utter a “Moooom! Not again!” (smile)
      With regards to the main man in my life, when it comes to the looks department, I totally married up, and I am so very thankful. (I’m also thankful he is more than just good looks.)
      P.S. I love ‘Heavens to Betsy’. My parents would say that along with “Heavens to Mergatroy” – or however you spell it.

  2. Living in the midst of all those male hormones must be difficult. But, the reward for the eyes is a feast! At least the little guys have little hormones…I hope! ;-/ What a gorgeous family you have.

    1. Very difficult, but you are right about the reward. Truth be told, I am all sorts of blessed with these guys. I try to remind myself of that very fact when they are driving me crazy. (smile)

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