Project 366: Day 171

I am told Jojo is a bunny. He has ears like a bunny. He hops like a bunny. But, I never knew bunnies lounged around all day like lazy dogs and cats. Jojo is a funny bunny.



13 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 171

  1. Does anyone else have a Beatles’ song stuck in your head now?
    “JoJo was a bunny who thought he was a puppy, but he knew it wouldn’t last…”

    1. You should see Jojo chase Sundae, the dog we are watching. The two are hilarious! I may have to capture it on video. I agree, Jojo did not get any bunny training. (That cracked me up!)

    1. Patti, I am surprised how easy and pleasant he is in the house. He’ll nibble on our shoes a little, but generally speaking – he’s not a nibbler or gnaw’er.

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