Project 366: Day 145 “It’s a Boy!”

I am happy to announce there is a new (albeit temporary) member in our family. When we picked Joe up from his spend-the-night visit with his friend, we brought home the friend’s bunny, Joe-joe. (Yes, the bunny’s name is Joe-joe.)

Joe’s friend and his family are heading to India for the summer. They will return in August. Until then, Joe-joe is one of us.

I suspect when Joe-joe is returned to his real family, we will find our own bunny to love.



22 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 145 “It’s a Boy!”

    1. Beth Ann, my husband told me this morning, “Something tells me you will have plenty of photo-ops with this bunny in our house.”
      He’s right. You’ll see plenty more of this adorable Joe-Joe.

  1. Why… there’s a BUNNY in here today!
    Hey! Hey! Ms. D?! Did you see the bunny?! Right over there?!
    (and can you tell I’m not exactly ‘awake’ yet?)

    1. Know what?! I just realized bunnies and pregnancy notices go hand in hand, too. But, it was no pregnancy notice. As you can see – the bunny is very much alive. 🙂

  2. This reminds me of a dwarf bunny I was had named Atilla the Bunny. (I feel a post coming on…) I was amazed to learn you can litter train them, like a cat. But you must start immediately. Makes them good little house pets. Bunnies are remarkably sweet and floppy little things.

    1. This one is potty trained, Spectra. I forgot if I mentioned that in the post or not. And, his mannerisms remind me very much of a dog or cat. Very sweet.

    1. Hello Mags, Jo-Jo (as his owners spell his name) is running around as I type. He is too ding dang cute. So sweet to see him hopping around and exploring. What fun for us.

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