Project 366: Day 143


As a kid, one of my favorite sandwiches was peanut butter and fluff (marshmallow creme). When my 2nd oldest sister was in town, she would make me my favorite sandwich: peanut butter, fluff, and jelly. A trifeca of goodness.

Joe takes after his Mom in many ways. First, he is moody. Second, he is a picky eater. Third, he loves peanut butter, fluff, and jelly sandwiches. Unlike his Mom, he enjoys a little tomato soup on top. Say it with me, “Ew.”





26 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 143

    • Fluffernutters are the best, Darla. THE BEST. Add a little jelly, and it is a party in your mouth. Try it. I dare you. I TRIPLE dog dare you. (No more double dog dares.)

  1. Tomato soup…kind of like ketchup I guess. Guys will always find it…or something similar, I guess. After swim practice I used to gobble down pb and honey sandwiches. Swimming just made me ravenous.

  2. I love tomato soup, but I don’t think I want my soup ON my sandwich. Give me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a side of tomato soup any day. But, hey, tomato soup is probably classisfied as a vegetable by the FDA, so Joe is making is sandwich healthier. Don’t tell him he’s eating health, though, or he might give up the soup.

    • My friend, Andrea HT, loves Nutella. Honestly, I don’t know that I have tried it. I may have to now that you’ve mentioned it. Especially with the fluff. I LOVE peanut butter and honey.

  3. Hmmm… I think all this must be an American thing… I tried a peanut butter and jam (that’s what we call what you call Jelly. Or is it Gelly?) bread thing and didn’t like it. I suppose pb and marshmallow might be an improvement. And tomato soup? Er… does it thin out the pb? 😉

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