Project 366: Day 120

The chores are finished, and my day of rest is here. Excuse me, while I sit a spell. Happy Sunday to you.



18 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 120

  1. Oh, that looks so relaxing. Are you holding a cup of coffee? Hope your day of rest is restful and that your soul is restored and refreshed.

    1. Well, I took the picture with my camera timer, so I can’t say as I was actually relaxing. It was a race to get settled within 10 seconds. (smile) The coffee did not stand a chance. I hope you had a nice weekend, K8.

    1. Rob bought it during his bachelor years, while diving in Cozumel. Well, he wasn’t diving when he BOUGHT it, but the purpose of the trip to Cozumel was to dive. (smile)

    1. It’s a three-fer. We have three set up, one for each of our kids and one for the neighbor’s kid. Honestly, I’m rarely in the hammocks. Though I quite enjoyed using it for the picture.

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