Project 366: Day 114

Sunday afternoon, while gathering the kids in the car to head home from church, my cell phone rang. My neighbor was informing us that a tree fell across our driveway and took out the power. She told us to plan on parking in their driveway when we got home.

Anticipating a mess when we got to the house, we were greeted with the exact opposite. Thanks to the quick work of Cobb EMC, the men had the power back on within 15 minutes of us returning home. A span of approximately an hour and a half passed from the time our other neighbors called the power company to the minute the guys drove away.

Most importantly, the power was back on before my supply of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream became soup.

Thank you Cobb EMC and thank you neighbors – to my left and to my right. Here’s to an electrifying week!


Do you see the subject of Day 112 in the picture? Check out what is next to the mailbox. Truck envy.


14 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 114

      1. I’m making that gesture where you point your finger into your own mouth to mime throwing up. But in a really tasteful way. No offense against your mom, but that’s one of the few foods I do not care for.

  1. Happy to hear you weren’t without power for too long, Ms. D…
    always such a bummer
    (it’s easy to forget how much we rely on it for until it’s gone – well, in my case, anyway)!

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