Project 366: Day 84

Cherokee would like to welcome you to Saturday. May miles of smiles surround you today.



26 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 84

      1. I had a feeling you might and that’s one of the many things I enjoy about you, LD.

        Frankie is currently basking in the morning sunshine but I’ll pass Cherokee’s message on to him. It’s sure to perk him up 🙂 MJ

          1. I’m not sure…I meet with the surgeon on Monday to see if my gallbladder is staying or going…plus I have to teach a class this summer, but as soon as I know I’ll e-mail and maybe we can arrange a stop. It is 1500 miles and Shelby is a good traveler. I worry about her hip – she can’t get in and out of the vehicle very well any more and she is too big for me to lift. I’ll have to get her a ramp, I guess. Isn’t it sad when our furry friends are suffering?

          2. Should I hope you keep your gall bladder? I know tons of people that have had their gall bladders removed. Seems it’s the new ‘appendix’. (smile) I hope you are OK, and the doctor gives you a good bill of health.

            Are you not planning a trip north to head somewhere other than here? I’d sure be honored if you came up just to visit us. And yes… it is very tough when our furry friends age. Poor Cherokee – she pants so much, because walking is difficult and it wears her out.

          3. Yes, I would be headed to MIchigan to surround myself with grandbabies, hugs and love.

            I am not sure the gallbladder needs to go – but something is giving me extreme stomach aches…and my appendix has already been removed…

  1. Hi, Lenore … what a darling pup you have! What breed is she? We have two we adopted from the humane society. They are just the best dogs ever! One is 14 (we’ve had her 13 years) she is an adorable Tibetian Terrier and the other is 3, and she is a Lhaso Apso! Our oldest one has to be carried down the stairs now, but for some reason, she can manage to get UP on her own. I know how your heart aches when you have to watch them limp along and struggle to get up. I hope your “sweet baby girl with fur” gets better soon! Sure do enjoy your daily pics 🙂

    1. Good morning, Donna. I am glad you are enjoying my pictures. I’m enjoying the ‘hunt’ for the perfect shot, though it does become challenging.
      Thanks for rescuing pups from the human society. Ours are rescues, too. Wilbur and Cherokee are mutts – brother and sister. (Wilbur will be shown later this week.) I suspect they have retriever and collie in their blood, perhaps some shepherd, too.

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