December 21st – Performance No. 21

In case you are new here, I am on day 21 of 25 days and 25 different performances of the Christmas song, “O Holy Night”. For those of you who are not new, please pardon my repetitive opening throughout the course of these 25 days.

Two of my sisters and I love the song “O Holy Night”. After a series of emails with one of my sisters, I came up with the idea of sharing different versions/performances of the song “O Holy Night”.

We are officially entering the top five, and I welcome you to version number 21.

Many good things come from Canada. Earlier this week, I shared Céline Dion’s version of “O Holy Night”. She hails from Canada, though some would specifically state she hails from Québec, leaving Canada out of it. (Canadians understand the clarification.) In past posts, I’ve mentioned my favorite snack cake, Jos. Louis, which hails from Canada. (Coincidentally, the snack cake is produced in Québec.)

Today’s performance is by a group of guys that hail from Canada. I’m certain my blogging friend, MJ, will notice their good looks. (Being Canadian, she has good taste.) Although I was going to include Il Divo or Straight No Chaser in my list of performances, I changed my mind, once I heard heard these four fine Canadians.

I hope you’ll enjoy the first installment to the remaining top five performances of “O Holy Night”. Please give a listen to the Canadian Tenors.

16 thoughts on “December 21st – Performance No. 21

  1. Wonderful version, eh? I think I prefer them to Il Divo. I have a collection of Il Divo singing Christmas songs, which includes Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Frankly, it makes me mad when I hear that track because I can’t understand who thought it made sense to have it among the Christmas tunes. Am I missing something?

    1. Did I mention Il Divo in the post? If not, I preferred these lovely Canadians to Il Divo, too. This is why I shared their version.
      Over the Rainbow? What? To that I add the fact that ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ is considered a Christmas movie. I get it to a point – but, I don’t get it. Apparently, I am missing something. Thank you for visiting, AA!

  2. Another good one, Lenore! I heard Lou Christie singing O Holy Night on 60s on Sirius/XM. Now I wonder where that recording has been all my life!

  3. Thanks for this version! I love these guys. Will never forget when they were on Oprah and Celine Dion joined them- coming onstage from behind. Surprised the heck out of them. When my son lip synchs their version of Halleluia, he becomes quite moved.

    1. M2M – I saw that episode, too! The facial expression of the guys was priceless! Funny, I didn’t even think about it when I put the two posts together. The fact that your son lip syncs to Halleluiah warms my heart. Glad you liked this version, M2M. Thanks for digging around and finding it!

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