Frazzled This Friday

I must tell you, I am frazzled today. Completely frazzled. Too much to do in too little time. Busy, busy, busy. Did I mentioned I am frazzled? How about busy? Anyway … as I walked down the driveway to put a letter in the mailbox, I realized something. Of course, now that I am back inside the house and typing – I forgot what it was I realized. No doubt, the something was earth shattering and life changing.

The letter I put in the mailbox is to one of my sisters from my 5yr. This past weekend, he drew her a picture and sent the picture to her in the mail. She received the picture, and she sent him an email. I printed the email, stuck it in an envelope and put it in the mailbox after the mail had already been dropped. When I brought him home from school, I stopped at the mailbox and pulled out the mail. “Look!” I said to him. “You received a letter!” A smile appeared on his face.

After reading the letter, he immediately went to his work table and started to write another letter to my sister (on the very same letter I printed). With my help, he folded the ‘updated’ letter and got it ready for a new envelope and stamp. The letter is in the mailbox, waiting for the mailman to pick it up and take it to my sister. And, I am certain, when my sister receives her latest letter from my 5yr old, a smile will appear on her face. There is power in cards and letters . . .

:: I interrupt this post to say, “Forgive me please, if you’ve already heard this stuff from me.” As my thoughts fill my head, I am wondering if this is a repeat. I blame my frazzle day for any repetitiveness. I blame feeling frazzled for any redundancy. I blame – well, you get my point. Please, continue …

Last week, a friend of mine went to visit her Mom and Dad. Her Mom is battling cancer. I have been sending my friend a card every single week, letting her know she is in my thoughts and prayers. Knowing she was going out of town for a week, I decided I would send her Mom some cards, too. Then, I decided I would reach out to some “Facebook” friends, and see if I could get them to send my friend and my friend’s Mom some cards. A well-wishes writing campaign, so to speak.

Though I can’t tell you how many people participated, I can tell you my friend and her Mom were overwhelmed with the number of cards they received. My friend and her Mom were quite touched with the outreach. In fact, my friend wrote “My Mom was in awe of your friends and all the cards we received. It was fun … Thank you!”

For me, the best part of that writing campaign was the fact that my Facebook friends participated. Many of the gals I included in my outreach were mainly Facebook friends. What I mean by ‘mainly Facebook friends’ is that I don’t see or talk to these gals on a regular basis. Some of the gals I do not truly know, we simply share some sort of connection – either by school, work or other Facebook friends. Still, many took part in my request to share some positive thoughts with two people who mean so much to me. How cool is that?!

Today’s world is a different world. And, every single generation will say the exact same thing. The world changes and will continue to change. Many changes are for the better, though some changes are for the worse. With each and every change comes responsibility. And perhaps, with the internet, comes a time for greater responsibility. We can use the internet to reach out, lend a hand and show support; or, we can use the internet to spread ridiculous rumors, vicious videos and hurtful hate-speech.

Last week, Facebook served me (and my friends) well, and I am grateful. Maybe you could start a small writing campaign of your own. Regardless of a person’s health, personal cards and personal letters are sure-fire ways to bring a smile to the face of the receiver. A telephone company used to have the slogan, “Reach out and touch someone.” Well, I think it is high time to reach out and touch someone the old fashioned way … snail mail.

A special note of thanks to my Facebook friends for participating in the writing campaign. Mission accomplished.

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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