Limericks and Haikus

Sipping coffee while making lunch;
Packing food for my kid to munch.

Eat your breakfast, don’t be a fool;
Now get ready, it’s time for school.

Smiling at you, I love a bunch.


Many cars on the road;
Traffic during the work week,
Slowing to a crawl


And so begins a brand new day,
Staying busy – the American way.

Meetings, lunches, proposals due;
Do any big bosses have a clue?

Getting through it come what may.


Flip flops go flip flop.
Toes exposed for all to see;
Footloose is the sole.


Rolling along, going with the flow;
The day progresses, pleasantly so.

Tasks completed, going down the list.
Sipping on water, with a lemon twist.

Gathering items; it is time to go.


Back on the road, better look twice;
Rush hour travelers aren’t always nice.

The traffic reporters tell the tale,
As the stuck drivers start to wail.

Carpooling is the best advice.


Back at home again,
With dinner on the table.
What is for dessert?


Here’s hoping I have shared some cheer.
Excuse me now, I’d like a beer.

I wish you goodnight, and all the best.
Blah, blah, blah, you know the rest.

Y’all come back now, ya hear?!


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