Dear Blogary: School days, school days . . .

Dear Blogary,

I woke up at 2:55 this morning, because I had to be at my boss’ house by 4am. Listed under ‘other duties as assigned’, I took my boss to the airport. Blogary, I’m tired. And, I was afraid, with the lack of sleep, I would be more emotional for Joe’s first day of school.

As it turns out, I did not shed one tear. Not one. Yay, me! I took pictures of Joe in his school clothes and gear, but the pictures were blurry and quickly deleted. Perhaps I’ll take a picture of his ‘second’ day of school tomorrow. In any case, when I attempted to take his picture, I felt myself becoming more excited for Joe.

Blogary, this isn’t a sad time. Joe starting Kindergarten is an exciting time! My friends were lined up, ready to console me if I needed help. I even had a friend suggesting I pre-plan the day with Tylenol, due to the headache that would follow my predicted sob session. Again I say, I did not shed one tear. Not one. (I cry at Hallmark commercials. Me not crying on Joe’s first day is highly irregular. Irregular, irregular.)

Perhaps, if the situation were different, I would have cried buckets. But, Joe was excited. And, when we went to his classroom, he was beaming! Beaming!

Pick-up time today was 11:30, just a half day to start off the school season. As I watched Joe come out of his class, I saw he was still beaming. He was quick to tell me about everything he learned, and he said he wanted to go back again and again. [Oh, how wonderful it would be if he felt that way throughout his entire school ‘career’.]

Once we were home, Joe called Suzann to tell her about his day. And, he made a point to talk to Charlie on the phone, too. “Charlie! I went to school today. It was great!”

Yes, today was a wonderful day. Now, here’s hoping I can muster the energy to stay awake long enough to make it through Parent Orientation tonight. Having been up since 3AM, I am dragging just a bit.

Up before the dawn’s first light –
Joining creatures of the night.
Tackling duties as assigned.
Getting paid, so I don’t mind.
Nervous with Joe’s teacher in sight.
Yet there he goes, shining so bright!


2 thoughts on “Dear Blogary: School days, school days . . .

  1. Oh, if only I were caught up with your posts, I could have had the full story at my fingertips 🙂 Thanks for sharing! I so wish the pics turned out!

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