Whine Not

Dear Blogary,

When the boys were infants, I tried to let them cry it out for a little while, when I put them to bed. Listening to them cry was tough, not because I found it annoying but because it broke my heart. And, because my heart was breaking, I would cave more often than not. Rob was better at holding out. Figures, eh?

Well, the boys are older now, Blogary. They are no longer at the age where they cry themselves to sleep. Or are they? Our youngest seems to see bedtime as the perfect time to do a whine/whimper/cry sort of thing. You know how the screeching of nails on a chalkboard makes a horrifically annoying noise? Blogary, Charlie’s whine/whimper/cry is worse. 20-gabillion times worse.

Some nights, when we put the boys to bed, Charlie may call for Daddy in a whimpering sort of way. While he whimpers and whines, I rock back and forth on the couch, doing my best to block out the noise. And Rob? He’ll just sit there, watching TV and/or flipping through the few channels we have. He never flinches. Never. How does he do that? Rob holds out, and Charlie eventually stops. But seriously Blogary, how is Rob able to ignore it?

Sometimes, Blogary, Charlie will start with his whining and whimpering banter, and I will take to the laptop, typing quickly, in an attempt to drown out the noise with the loud ‘click click’ of the keyboard. And, when that doesn’t work, Blogary, I take my anxiety to the freezer; I grab hold of Ben & Jerry, hoping to eat my way through Charlie’s whimpering whines.

Argh! I cannot stand the crying, whining, whimpering. Cannot stand it. When does it end? I thought this sort of thing would pass after Phase 2 – the toddler phase. Good thing Charlie is a super cute kid. Still, here’s hoping he gets through this phase sooner rather than later. Fast. Like, yesterday.


That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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