Memorial Day and Super Powers

Dear Blogary,

Today is Memorial Day. I know my Uncle Gene is taking part in a Memorial Day celebration today. He is retired from the US Marine Corp, and he fought and was wounded in World War II. I don’t see Uncle Gene as often as I would like to see him. He and my Aunt shuffle between Palm Beach Gardens, FL and Martha’s Vineyard, MA. Still, he is in my thoughts today, as I know his thoughts are focused on his fellow service men and women.

Though in his late 80s, Uncle Gene continues to tirelessly participate in any and all ceremonies honoring those who have fought for our country. My father was also in the military. He was a Chief Warrant Officer for the United States Army, and he served in the Korean War. I am proud of my Dad, Uncle Gene, and all the other men and women of the military.

Thank you, service men and women, for the sacrifices you have made and continue to make on and off the battle field.


So Blogary, I’ve lost my super power. I, Lenore Diane, had the power to read people. Judgmental, perhaps. But my track record for judging correctly was excellent. I don’t know what happened, Blogary. Apparently, I am surrounded by some sort of kryptonite.

Blogary, it became clear to me when I went to the Montessori schools to observe the classes, environment, etc. When I met the directors at two different schools, I was taken aback. Suddenly, my ability to anticipate their next words or train of thought was thwarted. What was happening? I would try to finish the director’s sentence, only to find I was mistaken. What?!

On Friday, Blogary, I took Joe to eat lunch at his new school. I sat next to one of the many mothers, also attending the pizza lunch. She and I started talking immediately. Initially, I felt my super power was turned on and working properly. But, after the initial salutations, it was clear my super power was again – incapacitated by some mysterious force.

Looking at her facial expressions and hearing the words that came out of her mouth confused me; it was as if I was listening to someone speaking a foreign language. All I could do was sit, watch and listen. Listen?! Who ever heard of such a thing. Listen? Really? Please, I never had to listen. I knew what was going to be said. I had the power to complete sentences; the power to judge accurately and anticipate with precision. Listen?! I would laugh in the face of ‘Listen’. Ha! Ha! Haaaa!

Blogary, without my super power, I am forced to listen to each and every word muttered by the people around me. However, I find it hard to listen, because I am flustered with the fact that I am unable to engage my super power. [Do these talking heads see me blinking my eyes quickly, in an attempt to ignite the switch? Do they notice my intense gaze, as I try to use ESP?] Because I am forced to listen, but distracted by my floundering super power, I hear less than I did with my super power.

As I reflect back, I suppose my super power died due to lack of use. I am the social one in the family, and unless I pursue social functions – we are not social. The past several years our social outings have decreased significantly; in part, because I am just too tired to plan, unable to find a sitter, or tending to sick kids. Had I known limited social functions would prove to be my super power’s kryptonite, I would have fought through the tiredness, the lack of baby sitters and sick kids. After all, Grandma was almost always available to watch the kids. And sick? Please. Sickness makes one stronger. Buck up, sick kid. You’ll be fine. *sigh* Had I only known.

Blogary, clearly I have some work to do, if I plan on getting back my super power. And, I will get my super power back. Oh yes, Blogary. I will get it back.


In Memory and Honor of the United States Military men and women,
as well as their families. May God bless you.

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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