A song in my head

Dear Blogary,

Uncle Mark Reynolds

I didn’t intend on writing today. And, I don’t know a great deal about music, so don’t ask me who is currently topping the charts. That said, I love music, and this morning I have the same song playing over and over in my head. The song, “Hammer’s Hum”, was written and sung by Uncle Mark Reynolds. Uncle Mark was a West Virgina native, but he spent many years of his life in Georgia. He had a huge following in Decatur, watching him perform at Trackside Tavern and Eddie’s Attic.

Uncle Mark died in September 2004. Though I met Uncle Mark countless times, I didn’t really know him, personally. Still, he was a fixture in my life for years. while listening to him at Trackside Tavern or getting my hand stamped by him and hearing him perform at Eddie’s Attic.

Blogary, I am amazed at the power of music. Life is literally a soundtrack. As I said earlier, I cannot tell you who is popular in music today, but I can rattle off countless of [now] oldies that still trigger memories galore for me. And, I love when my boys ask me to play John Denver, while riding in the car. John Denver is another lost musician, whose songs will remain in my head and heart forever.

[Please note for no reason other than I want to write it down: my boys like Alan Jackson, Anne Murray, John Denver, Brian Vander Ark, Moby, Evanescence, Mozart, Joplin, Pachebel, Corelli, etc.]

Me, Brian Vander Ark and Rob - Lawn Chairs and Living Rooms Tour 2008

Blogary, this weekend The Verve Pipe is playing at Eddie’s Attic. Brian Vander Ark is the lead singer. Brian came to our house in 2008, and he played a private concert for us. We’ve also enjoyed watching him perform live at Eddie’s Attic several times. The performance on Saturday is promoting The Verve Pipe’s CD for children. I just bought four tickets, and I look forward to hearing the band play live. I know the boys love music, and I want to expose them to live music.

If Uncle Mark were still alive, I’d load the kids up and take them to see him. And, I’d take them to see John Denver, too.

Blogary, I’m not sure what my point is today. As I sit here missing Uncle Mark and the songs he sang, it reminds me of the incredible local talent that exists all around us. There is so much music to be heard. One does not need to know who is Billboard’s Top 25 artists to know great musical talent; instead, one just needs to head to their local music venue.

Hope you’ll go support your local music this weekend. And, I hope you are resting and singing in peace, Uncle Mark.


6 thoughts on “A song in my head

  1. Mark was my brother! I found your blog just by typing in his name. I told my mom what you wrote and she got all misty eyed. Mark was the only boy out of five children and the apple of her eye. Marks passing created a hole in our lives, that is filled by looking at photos and listening to his music. He had always wanted to be bigger than small town Virginia, and he achieved it! Thanks for remembering my brother!

  2. Stacie, I will send you an email, too, in case you don’t get this note.
    You brought tears to my eyes with your note. I am honored to have known your brother and witnesses his talent. He and Ashley were quite the team. I consider myself fortunate to have heard him sing with Eddie Owen, too. Truly, I cannot say enough wonderful things about your brother and ENORMOUS amount of talent he held.
    My brother is the only boy out of six children. My heart goes out to you, as you continue to live with the hole. For what it is worth, nearly 10 yrs later, I have not forgotten about Mark – nor will I ever forget about Mark. Nor will my siblings, who were equally as touched by your note. (My brother, and two sisters followed Mark and watched in perform live, too.)
    Blessings to you and your family, Stacie. I am genuinely touched you left me a note. Thank you so very much.

    1. Thanks for reading the tribute, Lisa. I appreciate you going back to the archives. Mark is worthy of the attention, I assure you. Thanks again – it means a great deal to me.

  3. You are very welcome! Mark was treated so well and loved by so many in Atlanta! I will never forget his memorial service down there and all of the beautiful people we met! My father passed away 11 months before Mark. But he would have so enjoyed the people who loved his boy! Mark’s stage name~ Uncle Mark? There are seven nieces and nephews who were little and they would not call us girls Aunt, but when they saw him coming he was automatically Uncle Mark! So I reckon if it was good enough for the little ones it was good enough to sing under!! Haha

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