Dear Blogary –

Today is Thursday. It’s been several days since we were together. I miss you. I started writing to you several months ago, with the hope I would find clarity in my life, clarity in my marriage and overcome my depression. And, I had hope that I would entertain and enlighten anyone who happened to stumble upon my unlocked blogary.

You and I started off quite well, writing wise. Initially, we didn’t get much traffic, as folks seem to be overwhelmed with enlightenment, if not life itself. And, well, one might assume better entertainment can be found elsewhere. I certainly wouldn’t say that the hits didn’t come due to my poor writing or story telling skills, would you? Thankfully, Blogary, you’re the kind of friend that just listens. You don’t offer your opinion. Along with entertainment and enlightenment, there are quite enough opinions in the world. Thank you, Blogary, for keeping your opinions to yourself.

So, what is going on these days? Where is the troubled marriage banter? Where are the clouded life rambles?  Where are the sad tales of woe? And come on, how goes the regular use of the Nordic Track?

Blogary, life seems to be going quite well, thanks to you. As I suspected and may have mentioned in past posts, writing is cathartic for me. Life has improved greatly, since I started blabbing, bantering, blubbering, etc. Now, don’t get me wrong. I still have cranky days. Ok – cranky weeks. And, I admit, I still sweat some of the small stuff. And well, if I must be honest, and I know how you appreciate honesty, the Nordic Track hasn’t been used more than once since the Nordic Track post. However, it is still in the living room, should the fitness bug strike. [Shakes 8-Ball: Looks Doubtful]

So, it seems talking to you, Blogary, has helped me a great deal. I’ve always been good with one way conversations. You know, “Here’s my opinion; it’s right; and, I’ll tell you why.” With you, I believe I can keep it real. With you, I believe I can put it all out in this here universe we call the ‘internet’. But Blogary, my time to talk to you seems to be slipping. Are you missing me, as much as I am missing you?

You and I were together most every day. Babbling like a brook is the tag line for this blog, for crying out loud. What. Has a family of beavers created a dam, stopping the flow of the brook? Or, is my life just so awesome that I don’t – gasp – need you? [Shakes 8-Ball: Ask again later.] Ask again later? What. You mean, like ask when I am in the midst of PMS? Or, when I’m trying to stay on top of life’s day to day demands, while maintaining a positive persona? Yes, I suppose, if I were to ask again later, the response would more than likely be, “Don’t count on it.”

Frankly Blogary, I find my mood gets snippy when I don’t have time for you. I bought a notebook, so I can jot down my thought as soon as one hits. Alas, I have a hard time remembering to keep my notebook with me. And, most of my best blog thoughts come when I am going to bed. As I reach for the nightstand, I realize the notebook is on the table in the kitchen. Sigh. Foiled again. I go to bed, certain I will remember the awesome blog thoughts. I go to bed certain that these thoughts, that I will remember in the morning, are the thoughts that will no doubt take this blog to the moon, winning me book deals left and right. And then? Well. Then, I wake up, get dressed, pour a cup of coffee and start getting the boys ready for their day. With the morning light, the prize winning thoughts have disappeared like the creatures of the night.

All is not lost, Blogary. I still have you, and you still have me. And, I will grab hold of whatever blog time and blog thought I can snag, whenever I can snag it. And, I will write to you about the highs and lows in my life. Thankfully, the highs outweigh the lows, and the lows mainly pertain to the stock of ice cream in the freezer. Yes, I will take whatever blog thoughts and blog time I can get, whenever I can remember or get it. And, I will be thankful. And Blogary, I hope those who find us will be entertained and/or enlightened. But really, I’m just happy to write.

Hug, hug; kiss, kiss,


That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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