These are the guys we will miss, while renewing ourselves. And, we owe it to them to invest in ourselves and keep our relationship alive.

Today the word of the day is ‘Renew’. And, according to Merriam-Webster the definition of renew is as follows: 1 : to make like new : restore to freshness, vigor, or perfection <as we renew our strength in sleep> 2 : to make new spiritually : regenerate 3 a : to restore to existence : revive b : to make extensive changes in : rebuild 4 : to do again : repeat 5 : to begin again : resume.

Today is my husband’s birthday. To celebrate his birthday, we are spending the weekend away without the boys. This will be the first time he and I have spent time together – alone – since. . . Well, I can’t recall a time, since the boys were born, when my husband and I spent more than 24hrs alone together. So, it has been at least 5yrs since we have been together, alone. This quick getaway will give us a chance to renew. We will be able to renew ourselves, as  well as renew our relationship to each other. I look forward to getting to know my husband again.

I am sure you have heard the phrase, “It takes a village.” Well, I am thankful for the village that surrounds my husband and me. Our next door neighbors are taking care of our dogs, while we are gone. And, my Mom and oldest sister, are going to watch the boys for us. Thanks to the people in our village, my husband and I are off to renew ourselves and our relationship. I think the boys will be pleased we are taking time to rebuild our relationship. I certainly believe we owe it to our boys to maintain a healthy marital relationship.

Hope you have a nice weekend, and I will babble again when we return!

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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