Say ‘Yes’ To Just Socks

Labor Day has come and gone. The hours of daylight are lessening, and the long, hot days of Summer are slowly becoming crisp, clear, cool days of Fall. I am happy to see Fall’s approach, and I am happy to wake to cool temperatures. The hint of cooler weather is making me crave socks. Yes, socks.

I love socks. In fact, socks and turtle-necks are my favorite items of clothing. Socks are fashionable. Socks are fun. Socks come in so many types/styles like: fuzzy socks, silky socks, toe socks, toe-less socks, long socks, short socks, etc. Matching socks to your outfit would prove more entertaining and easier than shoes. Plus, miss-matching socks would be considered funny, whereas miss-matching your shoes is just an indication that you dressed yourself in the dark, not wanting to wake up your roommate, who snored all night, making it difficult for you to get any sleep, so you are half dead anyway. He really needs to ditch his girlfriend, she is only using him.

Oh. Wait. Sorry. Got side-tracked.

I’ve seen the signs: No Shirt. No Shoes. No Service. Oh how cozy and comfortable the feet of the world would be if “No Shoes” became “No Shoes – Only Socks”. Still, I am guessing if I were to head to work wearing no shoes just socks, I’d be asked to leave the office – maybe for good. But really, some shoes that people wear are no more appropriate for the office (or anywhere) than plain socks.

Compare wearing only socks to wearing flip-flops. Are flip-flops really more appropriate than socks alone? Keep in mind the manner in-which most people walk when wearing flip-flops. Typically, flip-floppers will slide their feet lazily along the floor, flipping and flopping noisily all the way. While those just wearing socks are quiet as mice. Well, the heavy-footed/heavy-healed just-sock wearers would make some noise; however, overall the just-sock crew could sneak up on a whole bunch more people than the flip-flop crew. (I’ll spare you from my comparison of socks to clogs. Suffice it to say, the comparison would include “clunk – slide, clunk-slide, clunk”.)

In the workplace, bosses could sneak up on their employees, catching them downloading the latest App or updating their Facebook/Twitter page. Even better, employees could sneak up on their bosses, catching them taking the last of the coffee (without making another pot) or updating their Facebook/Twitter page. And, all employees would be able to walk away from his/her desk quietly, so that no one really knew when you left or how long you’ve been gone. The comfort and noise reduction are two great reasons wearing socks, no shoes – just socks, should be allowed in the workplace and every place else.

Now, for the socks to be worn outdoors and in all kinds of weather, reinforcing the socks with a sole is necessary. I believe a minimal sole could be created – a ‘barely there’ kind of thing. Perhaps a much lighter version of the mukluk would work, a mix between mukluks and slipper socks. Hmmm . . . I wish it were socially acceptable to walk around in slippers… with socks, of course.

Fun’ny’ Friday

While enjoying the morning of Mother’s Day, Joe scurried around handing me cards and small gifts. One of the lasts gifts he gave me was his Leapster. “Mommy,” he said. “For Mother’s Day, you can use my Leapster whenever you want today, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. But, you have to stop using it on Sunday.”


Last Thursday, Rob and I learned a neighbor was struggling with financial issues and house repairs. In an attempt to to fund the house repairs, the neighbors were having a yard sale and looking for donated items to include in the sale. We immediately went through our things and pulled out items to include in their sale.

While in the kitchen, I opened the cabinet where we keep most of our pots and pans. I asked Rob, “What can we do without in here?” Without skipping a beat, he answered, “All of it.”

We laughed. Though we have several pots and pans, we use the same two pots nightly: one pot for the canned vegetable, and one pot for boiling water for the mac n’cheese. Go ahead, send your condolence cards to Rob, as his wife neglects him, culinarily speaking.


As I have said, driving to swim lessons makes for fun times in the car. I enjoy hearing Joe and Charlie chatting back and forth. Joe, true to his big brother role, tries to teach Charlie many things. Last night, while tucking Joe in bed, he said “Mommy, tomorrow we need to teach Charlie the difference between today, yesterday and tomorrow.”

Earlier this week, both Joe and I were trying to teach Charlie right and left. While driving down a curvy road, Joe said “Charlie, now the car is going left.” “Well,” Joe added, “the back of the car is going right.” Something tells me, Joe may have lost Charlie with that added bit of info.


On my way to work, I drive by a high school. As one might expect, traffic is slow around the high school in the morning. I don’t mind the slow pace of traffic, because it gives me a chance to check out the latest clothing styles, based on high school students. And, it is quite entertaining to observe the various styles or lack thereof.

Good shoe fashion, especially the style on the right.

I am not hip to fashion or style. My dressing attire is often bland and ordinary. Come Spring and Fall, I get kinda crazy and wear socks with sandals. [Happily, my boys have picked up on my socks and sandals fashion sense.] I understand socks with sandals are frowned upon by many. That’s fine. And, though no one asked for my opinion, I believe the socks with sandals look is far better than some other shoe styles I see.

Flashy sneakers, untied and too big – this is a hip look? Really? Worn-out, flattened flip flops dragging across the ground. Really? That’s a stylish look that is better than socks with sandals? I don’t get it. Though, I do remember a guy in high school, Ben. He was (still is) older than I, and he wore flip flops to school. I remember thinking his flip flops were cool. Unlike the flip flops I see on kids today, Ben’s flip flops were thick, leather flip flops. [Why do I even remember Ben, Class of ’85? Goodness knows, he doesn’t know me. *sigh*]


Well, that about does it for me today. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. We have a great deal planned here, which may make for some interesting babbling next week. Or not. I’ll end with a joke I heard on Sesame Street this morning [don’t ask].

A bone shares a joke with Matthew Fox and Elmo:
“What do you call a bone with two scoops of ice cream on it?” The bone asks.
“I don’t know,” answers Matthew. “What?”
The bone responds, “An ice cream bone!”  ba’dum bum. (No, I didn’t get it either.)
Then Matthew says, “Oh, that must be a funny bone.” ba’dum bum, ching!

Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all weekend. Toodles!