Yes Virginia, this is another re-post.

Out with the old and in with the – well, old.

In my opinion, Bridget over at Twinisms said it best, “[Resolutions] are stupid.” So, I’m not making any resolutions. But…

I will try to write more works of fiction with the coming new year. I may also try to run a mile a day every day. Frankly, I think running a mile a day every day would be easier than writing works of fiction. Continue reading “Yes Virginia, this is another re-post.”

When the heart races

His name is David. The attraction was clear to everyone around, including the two of us. Though we had just met, the love was undeniable. If the fluttering of the heart and the butterflies in the belly were an indication of a perfect love, we were going to live happily ever after. And, our journey together was going to start after his job interview.

We said our good-byes for the night, and morning came instantly. I walked into the office building, which looked more like an elegant shopping mall decorated with glass and mirror sculptures. Everyone was dressed in blue or black suits. I felt out of place, as I looked down and noticed my pants were too long and I was not wearing shoes. Still, I proceeded to walk to the center of a lobby-like area, finding a seat on a bench. I was to meet David here, prior to his interview.

I waited. Countless people walked through the revolving doors, though David was no where to be seen. I checked my watch. His interview was to begin within the next 10 minutes. I looked at my friend. I saw the concern in his eyes, as he indicated we should head up to the office where the interview was to take place. I heard him say, “I hope he is here.”

My heart sank. Why wouldn’t he be here? I asked myself. Where would he have gone? My friend nudged me, letting me know we had to get to the elevator. When I stood, I realized – again – I had no shoes on my feet. I noticed one shoe next to our bench, and I put the shoe on my foot. I scrambled to find another abandoned shoe, though I was unsuccessful. My friend began running towards the elevator, and I hobbled behind him.

Many people dressed in suits walked onto the elevator with us. My friend pushed the button for the floor we wanted. I looked. The 147th floor? I was afraid of heights – I didn’t like elevators – I did not have a good feeling about this at all.

The elevator started to move – quickly. I closed my eyes and put my head on the shoulder of the person beside me. She jerked her shoulder and scowled at me. Apparently, she didn’t appreciate the head of a stranger on her shoulder. I did my best to hide in the corner, until the elevator stopped and we reached our floor.

My friend and I made our way through the crowded elevator and out the door. We looked around the office, in search of David. We did not see him. We asked the receptionist if she had heard from David. A sad expression came across her face, as she handed me a note.

The note read, “My heart is racing, as I write this note to you. Is yours? I miss you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. But, I’ve flown to Nicaragua.” I stopped reading and felt faint. My friend caught my arm, walked me to a chair and sat me down carefully. I caught my breath and began reading again, “After saying good-bye to you last night, I was overcome with something – I’m not sure what it was. I called my Dad, and I asked him if I could come home. For whatever reason, I need to go home. I will return. I love you. David.”

I dropped the note. My heart was racing, and I was confused. My friend picked up the note, shaking his head as he read it. He didn’t seem surprised. My friend stood up and started walking away. For him, the story ended. I watched as my friend disappeared in the crowded elevator. I sat alone. Lost. Confused. Hurting. And, I started to cry.

I woke up. My heart was still racing, and I felt tears running down my face. Rob walked into the bedroom. “Good morning.” He said with a smile. It was a dream. It was only a dream.

An Escape

She could hear the rumble of thunder in the distance. Another summer thunderstorm was brewing, triggered by the hot and humid day. She snuggled herself closer, finding comfort in him. She smiled and nudged him, as he wrapped his arms around her.

“Are you ready for tonight?” She asked. “Oh, let’s not talk about tonight, right now.” He said, pulling her closer. “I was hoping we could just enjoy this moment.” She smiled. She was enjoying this moment, as well as the countless other moments of the weekend. She hated that they were heading back tonight.

He surprised her on Thursday, walking into her office unannounced. “We’re leaving.” He said. Startled, she felt her face get warm as she blushed. She had met him only 3 months ago, and the chemistry between the two of them was intense. Lust? Certainly; still, the love was undeniable.

“Our flight leaves in two hours, giving us just enough time to get to the airport and board the plane.” He informed her. “But, what about work?” She asked. She didn’t care a thing about work, but she felt the need to question him a little. “Forget about work. I am taking you away so we can marvel at each other without interruption.” He said with a smile. She laughed. He was a true romantic, but it was his sense of humor she loved most. Well, she loved his hands, too.

Within 4hrs, they had reached a secluded cottage on the shoreline. She remembered how the cottage was set up when they walked in the door: candles, fresh fruit and wine.

The wind picked up, as the thunder grew louder. She stood up, and walked to the bay window, watching the storm approach. He walked over to her. “Maybe the storm will delay the flight.” He said, as he began to run his fingers through her hair. She loved how he played with her hair. “Mmm..” she said. “That would be just terrible.”

She felt a blaze across her dress, as he reached and turned her around to face him. He started kissing her neck, and she heard herself sigh. She placed her hands on his face and brought his soft lips to hers. His hands slid down her back, unzipping her dress.

“The flight.” She moaned. “We’ll catch another one.” He whispered. Her legs became weak, as he looked into her eyes and smiled.  Slowly, he brushed her dress off each shoulder causing it to fall to the floor. She closed her eyes as he started to caress her . . . “Mom! Joe just flushed my wubba nub down the toilet!” And, I’m back. Closing the book, I return to my life as a Mom.