Holy Fluff o’nutter, Batman! It’s Friday!

It’s a frazzled Friday in my head; I kinda wish I could stay in bed.

This poem will have rhyme but no reason; tonight I am going to see The Swell Season.

Today I am eating lunch with Joe; he’s my oldest, don’t you know.

I wish fluff o’nutters were on the menu; but pizza’s being served at this venue.

What’s that thing I want to eat? A peanut butter n’ marshmallow sandwich treat.

As I sit here thinking what to write, I am scratching a mosquito bite.

Mosquitoes, poison ivy, and horseflies, things of Summer I do despise.

Thunderstorms and water gun fights, parts of Summer that bring delight.

Not much excitement these past five days. Hey do you remember Billy Mays?

Oxy Clean sure was the stuff, when laundry detergent was not enough.

Any hi de ho, I am not sure what more I know.

We’re under a severe thunderstorm watch tonight, this according to NOAA’s website.

The weekend is just hours away, our options are endless – a veritable buffet.

We may swim, watch softball, or search for bugs; Joe has a serious interest in grubs.

Yes, as this week comes to an end, I wonder what’s around the bend.

.:: — ::.